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Here's How To Apply To Be An Instagram Influencer...

Here’s How To Apply To Be An Instagram Influencer…

January 14, 2022


According to insightful research, over 80% of Instagram accounts follow a particular company or brand. Not just this, but more than 200 million Instagram users visit social media influencers’ accounts every day.

Thus, it is evident that the influencer market is huge and increasing rapidly. If you want to become a part of Instagram’s influencer market, you need to develop the ideal influencer marketing strategy. Here, we have a detailed guide to help you apply for Instagram influencer jobs:

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A Quick Glance at How to Apply to Be an Instagram Influencer

Different platforms have different criteria to hire influencers. You can also subscribe to various recruitment portals to get the latest job alert and notifications. For Instagram, there is a set of rules to meet. Following are some requirements you must fulfill to become an Instagram influencer.

●       Have an engaging Instagram account   

●        Should not hide like counts

●       Have a public account

●       Should be 18 years or older

Where Do I Apply to Become a Professional Instagram Influencer?

Influencers often believe that becoming a professional Instagram influencer is a far-away dream. But that’s not true! International and even startups across the globe are continuously on the search for skilled influencers to grow brand discoverability and awareness.

Research reveals that more than 57% of the beauty and fashion world hires professional influencers to boost their marketing strategies. Here, we’ve created a list of brands on the lookout for skilled social media influencers:

·        ZALORA- Looking for fashion influencers

·        AKASO Tech- Looking for outdoor tech influencers

·        GUNK- Looking for automotive influencers

·        ZANDO- Looking for fashion and beauty influencers

·        Izzy and Liz- Looking for influencers who can represent black culture

·        The Honest Company- Looking for baby product influencers

·        Cumbria Tourism- Looking for travel influencers

·        Daluxury Cell Phone Case- Looking for electronic influencers

What do Social Media Influencers Do?

Professional Instagram influencers are creators responsible for creating and sharing dynamic content, building communities, and growing brand awareness. As a professional social media influencer, you’ll be tasked to make regular, high-quality, and attention-grabbing posts about a particular topic. This way, you establish authority and generate vast followings of excited viewers who pay close attention to the brand’s offering and products.

With beautiful user-generated content, macro and micro-influencers on Instagram help brands build engaged audiences that trust their services/products and what they promote. On top of that, influencers can earn a ton of money by monetizing their audience.

How To Stand Out in Today’s Influencer Market?

Research reveals that Instagram users are likely to reach 125.5 million by 2023. While this means you can rest assured you’ll have a vast audience, it also means that it’s easy to lose sight in the sea of influencers.

If you want to become a professional Instagram influencer, you need to learn to stand out. Here are some strategies to shine from your competition:

Leverage Instagram Stories to discover brands

Instagram stories are ‘the thing’ on Instagram, which is why the best influencers leverage them to grab brands’ attention. With more than 500 million Insta users using the stories feature to connect with renowned brands, it is the perfect weapon to boost visibility and connectivity with


The best part about leveraging Instagram stories is reaching out to different brands to attract followers to your profile. By adding relevant hashtags and locations to your stories, you can increase account visibility and discoverability.

Choose the Right Hashtags to connect with brands

Hashtags are crucial for driving content and account discovery. Research reveals that hashtags help increase content visibility by 4473. If users click or search for a particular hashtag, they will discover relevant posts and accounts with relevant captions or comments. It also helps Insta users find new brands, which increases brand visibility.

Thus, the right hashtags help Insta influencers connect with people and brands. It boosts their visibility and helps them find brands interested in joining. Discover hashtags for fitness influencers here.

Create a Compelling Profile to reach different brands

Instagram members will come across your profile photo before clicking on your story, visiting your profile, and interacting with your account. Such high visibility suggests that you need to create a worthy and engaging experience for potential viewers.

Your audience and brands do not want to see marketing tactics; they want to know the person behind the account. It means that you need to personalize your brand. So, add your photo rather than your logo.

Instagram influencers do not limit themselves to one medium. It is essential to create a profile that helps brands connect easily. Since Insta influencers cannot run the show alone, they require brands to help them grow in the digital market. They need to connect with brands to improve their online visibility.

Tag Relevant Brands

Once you have gained followers, you can now connect with brands. Instagram Influencers need to connect with brands to evolve. Increasing online visibility requires connecting with the right people. Brands help influencers increase their visibility and generate revenue.

Once Insta influencers become famous, they try to connect with brands that help them expand and connect them with the right audience.

Similarly, brands often reach out to influencers to endorse their brands using their platform. It helps them increase their online visibility. Moreover, brands connect with influencers to attract more customers and connect to a larger audience.


Since Instagram influencers have a huge following, they require networking. They cannot communicate with every single follower or brand they connect with. They need to have social media accounts that help brands and followers check their activities.

Networking helps brands know the activities influencers find interesting. It allows them to connect with them quickly and check their influencers’ events. In short, networking provides them with daily updates about the influencers and helps them build real connections with brands. You could also find an influencer manager to help you network and land deals.

Email Templates to Leverage to Become a Professional Instagram Influencer

Outreach email templates are the ideal way to explain the purpose of your outreach to leads. Your message should be clear, crisp, and persuasive, especially if you want to reply. Here we discuss the top five email outreach templates:

●       Let’s start a relationship template– Most brands are already seeking skilled influencers to work with. Send them an open-ended email to get started

●       Sneak peek template- With this template, you can introduce your services and what makes you stand out to your leads

●       Follow-up template- Sometimes, it takes multiple emails to grab the business’s attention. Consider sending a follow-up template to increase your chances of getting a reply

●       The expert roundup- This email showcases all the companies you’ve worked with in the past

●       The template you should avoid- Avoid using informal language; the last thing you want is to make a wrong impression

Do You Need an Investment to Become an Instagram Influencer?

Before you decide to become an Instagram follower, you must do thorough research. It is essential to understand the different factors involved in becoming a famous Instagram influencer. Many people do not know the entire process required to reach the top.

Here, we will discuss the investment needed to become a renowned influencer to understand fully. Initially, Instagram followers do not have to invest anything. However, once they become prominent, they must invest in a phone to capture quality content.

The prices of phones depend on the features they offer. You can also invest in different platforms that allow you to ensure consistency. Moreover, while arranging giveaways, influencers must invest in something valuable to attract followers and engage the post.

It is vital to invest once you become popular as it helps build partnerships with brands and promote your profile effectively.

Note: System2 can help you run a digital marketing campaign to better monetize your audience and grow your influencer brand. We’ll create a fitness website, run your marketing and grow your brand at no up-front cost. Get in touch with us today.

The Bottom Line

Becoming an Instagram influencer may seem to be an easy tasking. However, it tasks more than just posting a picture on your account. A lot of hard work and effort makes an account engaging and famous. It also influences how many followers you will attract and how big of an influencer’s salary you earn.

Becoming famous overnight is a myth, and you cannot achieve this with fake followers. Influencers have put great efforts into becoming what they are now. If you wish to become an Instagram influencer, follow the tips mentioned in the article and start posting!


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