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The Best At Home Personal Trainer You Can Use Anywhere...
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The Best At Home Personal Trainer You Can Use Anywhere…

July 26, 2021


Keeping up with your home personal fitness training routine alone for more than a month or two is a pretty tall ask for most people.

Your goals shift, injuries happen, equipment breaks down, you get frustrated at a lack of progress in shedding those pounds you’re sick of carrying around.

Whatever the reason, workouts get harder and harder to justify.

The strength training sessions you once spent an hour on per day start happening a few times a week.

Not long after that, workout sessions are happening only a handful of times per month.

Before you know it, other responsibilities pile up and you stop having those workouts entirely.

Maybe once per month the thought of doing some strength training crosses your mind and it is quickly dismissed.

By this point you’ve long since forgotten what your personal fitness goals were in the first place. You fall further out of shape, your nutrition targets are forgotten, and you start putting on weight.

You know you could feel better if you made time in your schedule for exercise, but your exercise plans never workout on your own.

But what do you do about it?

It might all be different if you had even one person looking out for you, or even a small group to workout with. After all, disappointing yourself is one thing. Disappointing others is quite another.

A wise fellow once said that beneath every great success is a strong support structure holding that person up. No one ever did anything truly great without at the least someone else to tell them to keep at it. Any mighty task attempted without the assistance of others is all but doomed to failure.

But how can you make anything of that idea? If you’re an average person, you don’t think you have the money to pay for access to a gym membership program, to say nothing of hiring the services of a home personal trainer with the proper certifications to train you.

If you’ve had an experience like this in the past or present, or think you might be headed for it in the future, then you’re in luck. Personal accountability is just one of the many reasons you’ll love System2.


The Personal Training Solution: System2

System2 is an innovative new approach to personal training programs that puts power into your hands in a way no other programs have ever done before.

Gone are the days of needing massive piles of money to pay the cost of some super-professional trainer who only works with CEOs and famous actors. No more rummaging through mountains of cheap ads trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Via this breakthrough at home personal fitness app, clients and personal trainers can match up to work as a team online toward the fitness goals of the clients.

What makes System2 so special?

There’s no shortage of personal trainers online and offline alike, to say nothing of all the people claiming to be personal trainers without the certification to show for it.

There are a number of factors that go together to set the System2 app apart from the rest.

Certified personal trainers

A certification is what sets an amateur or downright fake personal trainer apart from a real professional.

The personal trainer that you’ll match with through the System2 app will have all the proper certifications and expertise that you expect a proper personal trainer to have.

Our trainers will make your workouts from home much more effective.

Commitment to superior services

Other programs will skimp out on features to cut cost and save the company money.

With System2, you will have unlimited access to your coach via the app.

Not only that, but every one of your home personal training sessions will be recorded and you will get personal feedback on how best to meet your strength training fitness goals. Having a coach to keep you accountable is a great way to stay motivated to workout at home.

Unlimited range and freedom of location

No need to search for a personal trainer that’s already in your home area.

Per the System2 app, your personal trainer can support you round the clock online from any location in the world – home, at a gym, even at a purpose-built home gym – anywhere you want to take your home personal training sessions. It is hands down the best gym alternative.

Short of actually having the trainer come to the client home location to do an in person training session, the free will that the app gives you to access exercise support wherever and whenever you want is everything you could possibly expect or ask for from your personal trainer. 

The price you see is the cost you pay

The membership costs the same price per month and no more.

You won’t see extra money vanishing from your account and then have to search through the terms of your contract to find out why.

There are no extra hidden costs per session, and the price of your membership doesn’t change on an invisible range based on how much personal training you get per month. Online personal training costs simply beat in-person training.

You can workout as much as you want, as often as you want, with unlimited access to the personal training support you pay for with the same membership cost you pay per month. You see, at a regular gym, you’ll need to pay a monthly membership fee on top of the cost of a personal trainer.

You and your personal trainer will be a team, and their expertise will be there for you when you need it.

Accountability in whatever form you need

Since you and your personal trainer can be in contact at any hour of the day, your personal trainer can hold you accountable to the exercise schedule you agree upon.

Whether it’s once per day, a couple times per week, or a certain number of times per month, your online personal trainer is committed to ensuring you remember to make progress on your health and nutrition goals.

It’s like having the company of your favorite workout buddy always along for the ride.

Reaching your goals

The average client can get started on their own, but few ever reach their goals without help.

The expertise of your personal trainer isn’t just about helping prevent the cost injuries take on your current state of health, it’s also about making sure you train correctly to get the maximum benefit from your workouts.

The average client won’t challenge themselves enough when they train, won’t do workouts with the full range of motion, or will make any of a number of other mistakes when handling weight.

To maximize your health and fitness training benefits, your online personal fitness training coach isn’t just there to design a program for you to follow.

Your coach is also there to ensure that you do each workout in the program right with personal advice on your form and intensity.

The results, after all, are what you’re hiring a home fitness training coach for.

How does System2 work?

Now that you know what System2 has to offer through its network of home fitness trainers, you’re going to want to know how the system works so you can become one of their clients and get started getting yourself into shape.

Thankfully, the process is really simple.

Step one: answer a questionnaire

This part is free, and easy to do besides. It should cost you far less than an hour to do this step.

All you have to do is answer a few quick questions about your current relationship with fitness and workouts.

The system uses these answers to determine the right personal trainer for you – complete with full certifications.

Step two: get matched with the right personal trainer

The system will choose a fitness training coach for you, and you’ll get the chance to get in contact with them.

Finding out who your chosen personal training coach is will still be technically free, though it will cost stating your email address.

Step three: go through an onboarding call

Are you looking for an athletic trainer or a personal trainer? Well, the first call is to figure out your needs. Your first session with your new personal trainer is an onboarding video call that will cost you 45 minutes to an hour or so.

During this call, your personal trainer will spend a portion of the hour getting to know you.

They’ll need to learn about your goals for your level of fitness, how you compare to the average level of fitness, how much average time you currently spend per week on workouts, at what weight you will feel like you are in shape, what kind of gym equipment you have access to, and so on.

During this time you may also want to get to know your personal trainer, given the chance. You might ask them where they took personal training classes, or get a chance to see their certification.

Step four: learn more about the system from your personal trainer

For the other half of your first session, your personal trainer will spend some portion of an hour giving you a class on how the system is going to work for you and how it will help you specifically to reach your goals in fitness.

Once this class is over, your free trial of the service will begin. The cost of your subscription will be taken out only after the free trial ends.

Step five: prepare for your first workout session

You will be mailed a special piece of equipment that will be used to set up your phone to record your workout sessions for the system and your personal trainer to analyze them and give you feedback.

In the meantime, your personal trainer will design workouts for you to do per session as you go.

Step six: your personal training session

Once the piece of special gear arrives and your phone can be used to record your fitness training sessions, it’s time to do some actual personal training with your personal trainer.

Simply follow the fitness training routines laid out by your personal trainer, and your sessions should go smoothly.

Step seven: receive specialized feedback from your fitness trainer

Per session of fitness training, your personal trainer will analyze your training footage with help from AI software to give you specialized feedback on your performance.

This is the part that you’re actually here for. It’s like getting a one on one class on maximizing your fitness gains.

No more going to free small group classes at a gym somewhere only to find out that getting any kind of actionable fitness advice that actually applies to you costs something after all.

No more beating around the bush with fake personal trainers who don’t even have a certification to show for themselves.

With System2’s personal trainers, you get your own training class conducted in the comfort of your home gym or wherever else you’re having your sessions.

All of this and it costs nothing extra, since it’s what you’re signed up for in the first place.

But once you’re a few sessions in and everything starts seeming easier and easier as you go, you’ll feel like you’re getting extra benefits for free.

You’ll probably find yourself wondering, even, how you managed to ever get anywhere without looking into personal trainers sooner.

Step eight: Repeat steps six and seven

There’s really not much else to it.

Per each of your sessions, your trainer will continue to give you feedback.

Each following session will be tailored to continue getting you further along, then you’ll get post-session feedback and the cycle will repeat.

You’ll be in contact with your trainer almost every day, and you’ll have unlimited ability to contact your trainer via text with any questions or concerns you have at no additional cost. System2 makes it a no-brainer for if you should join a gym or workout at home.

Step nine (optional): switch personal trainers

While all of System2’s personal trainers are certified professionals dedicated to giving you the best advice and assistance they can, some people simply don’t work well with some personal trainers.

It’s possible that, if the system miscalculated the best trainer for you, you might eventually start to feel like you’re attending one of those lame free group classes at the gym for which the real cost is to your time.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re paying to attend a lame group class with someone who is meant to be their one on one trainer.

That’s exactly why you have the option, at any time, to get matched up with another one of System2’s many certified professional personal trainers.

You’ll have the opportunity to receive as many post-session classes per trainer as you want or need, until it no longer feels like you’re attending one of those group classes that cost you hours of your valuable time.

Whichever of the trainers suits your needs best will be your trainer for as long as you need, designing routines and providing feedback and affirmation and accountability.

And, should you ever again feel like you’re falling out of sync with your new trainer and that you’re getting canned information out of one of those group gym classes again, you will always have the option to once again switch to one of the other trainers.

You are free to repeat this cycle for as long as you need, as many times as it takes to pair up with the right trainer and finally reach your goals.


Hopefully by this point you can easily see what you have to gain from using System2 to fulfill your personal fitness training needs.

At a cost of only $99 a month and the flexibility to work out at your home gym, a traditional gym, or anywhere in between, it’s hard to imagine finding a sweeter arrangement to meet your fitness training goals. You can be the house our prices beat any other at home personal trainer rates in the market.

Are you ready to finally break through all the things that have been holding you back and the lack of motivation that’s been weighing you down, and become the fitness machine you were always meant to be? Of course you are! It’s time to get System2!

Addendum: For personal trainers

Are you a certified personal trainer? Do you want to become one of System2’s online trainers? Now is the perfect opportunity!

Being a trainer for System2 is a rewarding experience that you can have anywhere, from the comfort of your own home gym to the ocean coastline or anywhere in between.

You’ll get set up with your own custom website and branding, get educated on everything you need to know about being a part of the system, have access to tools and data most trainers could only dream of, and none of it will cost you anything until you’re making money off of your customers!

All of the people you’ll be training will have their own gym setup wherever they are in the world, so you won’t have to worry about space or equipment or transportation or anything else.

You’ll just get matched up, analyze workout data, deliver feedback, and communicate when needed. Most of it will even be via text!

Sound exciting? You bet it does! Become one of the trainers for System2 today!

Written by: Nathan Dresser


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