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The Quick N' Easy Guide To The Benefits Of Online Personal Training
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The Quick N’ Easy Guide To The Benefits Of Online Personal Training

October 4, 2021


You lead a busy life, and it’s hard to get in shape with so little time to commit to training.

So you go to google in search of a solution to the problem, and every corner of the internet points you in the direction of online personal trainers.

But what are the real benefits of online personal training?

Why should you choose an online personal trainer over a more traditional professional trainer?

Let’s explore the reasons together.

What you get from an online personal trainer

As the client of a professional online trainer, you stand to get many benefits that you simply can’t get from in-person training.

A brief list of advantages

Online personal training starts with a simple, time-efficient meeting between the client and the coach.

Once a coaching relationship is established with the client, the personal trainer creates custom workout programs based on the needs of the clients, with exercises that can be done in the unique home gym environment of the individual client.

The personal trainer offers the client not only online personal training but mental health support in the form of both guidance and motivation – advantages that simply can’t be reproduced by a fitness app.

Speaking of the fitness app craze, online personal training offers clients all the advantages of tracking your online training with none of the extra work for the person doing the workout.

With online personal training, a client can get cost-effective fitness training programs anywhere, at any time, without having to pay an arm and a leg as the cost.

Altogether, these advantages stack up to make online personal training the most effective way for clients to get the maximum results out of their exercise – all while being budget-friendly.

An initial virtual consultation

Before you make a commitment to an online personal trainer, you’ll go through a pre-assessment consultation.

In most cases, this will be conducted via video chat, and take up about an hour of your time.

During this time, your personal trainer and you as the client will discuss what you expect to get out of online personal training and where you intend for your exercise to take you.

The trainer will use this information later when designing your training programs.

What makes a virtual session important

This is generally much more efficient than shopping for a traditional personal trainer since at the very least a pre-assessment consultation session with an offline professional will involve travel time for the client or the trainer or both.

All that extra time you spend cycling through coaches and interviewing their clients and going from gym to gym to get references, you could instead have spent working with online personal training professionals and speeding along the way to your intended outcome.

Personalized workout programs

A major benefit of working with online personal trainers as compared to training on your own is access to a customized training program.

Your online personal trainer will consider your goals and current conditions, and come up with workouts you can do with the equipment you already have in order to meet those goals.

What makes online personal training routines helpful

Online fitness coaches aren’t limited by the knowledge you’re willing to share in public at the gym.

As such, they will often end up with a more intimate understanding of your personal fitness needs and know better how to most efficiently train you to reach your fitness targets.

Why you need personal training routines in the first place

It’s definitely tempting to dodge the cost of a fitness coaching service by doing all the research to train yourself.

But personal training is pricey because it gets the job done, and a major part of that is the knowledge of exactly what kind of training to do and how to do it properly.

Fitness coaching will get you where you intend to go many times faster, and more reliably, than trying to do it all yourself.

Guidance via phone sessions

Everyone needs a little guidance every now and then, and through the use of phone apps, online personal trainers can watch your workout session and give you pointers to correct your form and keep you on track to the most efficient results.

Communication is key to an effective working relationship, but traditional personal trainers are usually limited to in-person sessions in that regard.

Why to choose online coaching over hands-on training

Online training is more popular than contact with a gym trainer for a multitude of reasons these days, not least of which is client and trainer safety.

Online training requires no physical contact and therefore offers none of the health and safety concerns of going into a gym for your training.

Plus, online training is more comfortable than gym training.

The ability to get your workout done from the comfort and safety of your living room without sacrificing the effectiveness of having a trainer to guide you makes a big difference in client success in reaching fitness goals.

Why you need guidance to begin with

Exercise is complicated.

Expert online trainers take some of that complexity and break it down into manageable pieces for the client to handle.

Without the help of your online trainer to guide your actions, it is very easy to hurt yourself by accident during a workout.

Injured people don’t work out.

In fact, once potential clients experience injuries while working out, it’s common for them to stop exercising entirely for a long period of time in response to the injury.

Online trainers make a point of making sure clients are training correctly so that you have the lowest possible chance of hurting yourself in the process.

Motivation from your coach

Motivation is a fairly nebulous concept, and it means different things to different people.

For the most part, however, the idea is that we all need support from someone else every now and then to keep us on track to our goals.

By staying in communication regularly, coaches can keep you going when you otherwise might stop working.

How online trainers are better for staying motivated

One of the drawbacks of in-person coaching is that your coach can only help you stay driven to achieve your goals if you show up to sessions in the first place.

Clients who get demotivated from unpleasant experiences tend to start skipping meetings, and once this happens for the first time they become exponentially more likely to do it more and more often.

If a client doesn’t show up to a meeting with their trainer, there’s not all that much the trainer can do to help correct the problem.

This drawback is, thankfully, not usually shared by online personal training.

An online trainer has a constant line to the client by the same means as their usual business interactions, allowing them to help prod clients occasionally to keep up with their meetings and hit their targets.

Why you need someone else to stay motivated in the first place

It’s a well-documented fact that shame is a powerful motivator.

Clients are much more likely to show up to meetings and keep up with their exercise if they have something to lose, and the thought of losing the respect of one’s trainer is a sufficiently unpleasant idea that it tends to keep clients showing up to practice.

Unless you are one of those extremely rare souls who genuinely has no concern whatsoever for what others think of you, having even one person who is counting on you to work out and become who you were meant to be will help you stay moving.

It will help you set your nutrition right and eat what you’re supposed to, and it will keep you showing up to meetings and moving your body to build muscle and lose fat.

Progress tracking

Your self-image is difficult to change on your own, as you see yourself every day and it’s hard to see any progress you make.

You can stick to your workouts and you can get good nutrition, but without tangible evidence that you’re making progress toward your fitness goals, life is going to start getting in the way.

Sooner or later, without a strong enough reason to continue training, you’re going to stop doing it.

Why not just use an app?

Sure, you can try tracking your nutrition and your workout schedule in a fitness app, but those fitness apps are often cumbersome and it’s all too easy to forget to input the necessary information every time.

Tracking your nutrition on its own is inherently unreliable because you always end up eating more than you realize.

Even disregarding nutrition, tracking when you work out and what you do when you work out isn’t going to be of any help if you’re misrepresenting your workouts.

Why you need a trainer to track your movements

Even the most disciplined find it tempting to do partial reps or cheat reps when exercising and then record the numbers to generate an ego boost.

However, this ego boost doesn’t actually get you anywhere. It’s a fleeting psychological trick, and it doesn’t make you stronger or tougher, or burn more fat or make you look healthier.

It’s vitally important to have somebody else, a trainer who has no incentive to feed your ego, to do your tracking for you and accurately represent how you’re coming along in your training.

Cost effective fitness training

Most people are on a tight budget these days, and it is only getting harder and harder to stomach the idea of needing to pay for the service of having someone coach you through your workouts.

However, it is often simply not realistic to get the job done on your own. Especially if you have made many attempts to get fit on your own before and they have all ended in failure.

Why traditional trainers are simply not efficient

When you’re paying for a traditional coach, you’re not just paying for their knowledge.

You’re paying for a time slot in their busy work week, time that they have to account for and write off as a loss if you don’t show up for a session.

You’re paying for the time it takes them to get to the meeting location, and the time it takes them to go home afterward.

You’re paying for the gear they need to bring with them for your meetings, and the vehicle they need to use to transport themselves and their gear each way.

You’re paying for the fuel in their vehicle, for the cut the gym takes out of their earnings, and any of a million other unseen expenses that come from the sheer fact that you’re meeting them face to face.

Why online trainers are a more efficient use of money

Someone you work with over the internet, on the other hand, has no such issues.

The device they use to communicate with you has likely long since been paid for, and they don’t have to travel to meet up with you.

The price you’re paying in money is merely payment for their expert knowledge and the time it takes them to deliver that knowledge to you.

Additionally, the price you’re paying in time to consult with them is only the time it takes you to receive their knowledge and act on it.

Why you need to spend money on a trainer in the first place

When you really think about it, money and time are two resources representing the same concept.

Ultimately, the time it would require you to spend in order to get all the knowledge you would need to do the job by yourself would be prohibitively expensive in comparison to the affordable price of an expert trainer.

Be free to train anywhere in the world

For many people, it seems that if they want to train their body that means having to sacrifice the option of traveling the world.

Why it’s troublesome to be tied to a face-to-face trainer

After all, it’s hard to get your hands on the equipment you need for the workouts you’re used to doing, and if you have a traditional fitness coach then traveling the world means being away from your personal trainer.

Why training with an online expert is more workable

With online training, however, clients can travel as they please and still have access to all the features of their coaching program.

As long as you have a device to communicate through and an internet connection to do so, you can work with an online coach from anywhere.

Exercise at any time

With traditional coaches, you have to schedule around not just the schedule the coach has, but also the hours the gym is open.

The trouble with this, of course, is that many people have trouble sticking to a rigid workout schedule.

It is often the case that you have to try to get your exercises in on the rare occasion that life gives you a free hour or two to work with.

How online coaches set themselves apart in terms of freedom of time

Another benefit of online personal training, thus, is having access to your virtual coach and their feedback whenever you have a free hour to do your exercises.

Your coach might not actively be available at all times, but they don’t have to be.

With the support of sophisticated phone apps, you can take video footage of you following your workout program.

Then, your online personal trainer can review your video footage and get back to you when they have the free time to do so.

You get all the benefits of having a virtual coach to correct your form and support your exercise program, without the hassle of always having to line up a session at the same time.

Reach your health and fitness goals

One major reason many people never achieve their health and fitness goals is that they set their sights too high and don’t have realistic expectations.

They want to have a supermodel body in a few months, or shed dozens of pounds of weight before the summer rolls around.

The benefits of an expert frame of reference

One service you might not realize you pay for when you get online personal training is a sense of perspective.

Understanding what to expect out of your online personal training can easily make the difference between success and failure.

A realistic goal weight, and a realistic time frame to get to that weight, makes it much more likely that you will keep up with your exercise program and continue making progress toward your ultimate goal body.


These are only a few of the benefits of online personal training, the most important ones that almost any person will get something out of.

Hopefully, now you can see what you stand to gain from the help of an online personal trainer.

Now it might be time to fire up a google search for an online training program.

But, if you’d rather not waste more of your limited free time, we recommend starting your virtual coaching journey.

Written by: Nathan Dresser



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