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A Review Of The Best At-Home Workout App On The Market
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A Review Of The Best At-Home Workout App On The Market

September 7, 2021


It’s a tale as old as time.

You want to get in shape, but going to the gym to exercise or take classes is out of the question for any of a million reasons.

You also can’t afford to build a fitness studio and bring in some big-shot personal trainer to solve your exercise problems.

You’ve tried looking into the best workout apps to help you turn your living room into a place where you can do on-demand workouts and finally hit your fitness goals.

But there are just so many workout apps, and so many of them claim to be free to download only to hit you with in-app purchases hiding around every corner.

So how do you choose one?

The best workout apps

There are certainly quite a lot of workout apps on the market, but thankfully the best fitness apps for you don’t have to be hard to find.

We’ve got a list of some of our favorites along with their advantages and disadvantages for you to briefly review and decide which one is for you.


No discussion of the best workout apps would be complete without mentioning the System2 workout app.

Meet your fitness goals through home workouts starting from any fitness level with System2, the only fitness app that matches you with the perfect fitness trainer for your level of workout experience.

What is System2?

System2 is a fitness app that connects you with a network of personal trainers who will provide you with personalized workout plans.

The app offers on-demand workouts with personalized feedback from your trainer whenever you need it.

Additionally, the app offers the opportunity to easily work in your home workouts at any time and using minimal equipment in the process. This makes the argument for working out at home or the gym a no-brainer.

How does System2 work?

You begin by answering a quick questionnaire about your exercise history, fitness training experience, and other relevant details.

Then, the system pairs you up with the perfect personal trainer for your unique circumstances.

That trainer will walk you through how the System2 workout app functions and what else it can do for you.

Then, with introductions out of the way, your trainer will design custom workouts for you to do based on your fitness experience.

The benefits of having a personalized workout routine are plentiful.

For a start, exercising in a way that’s suited to your own unique situation will make your start smoother. It can be tough to develop the habit of exercising regularly, but with a personalized routine developing that habit will be much easier to do.

A personalized routine will also improve your confidence. You won’t be thrown into exercises that you’ll struggle to even get started with, making it easier to envision yourself growing stronger as you go along.

It will alleviate the boredom often associated with exercise routines. When the plan is personalized and changes regularly to suit your progress, it will keep things fresh and you will be much less likely to burn out from boredom and skip sessions.

What’s more, you will make progress toward your goals faster with a professional to guide you every step of the way. When you’re no longer being challenged by your routine, it will be adjusted as needed to always ensure you’re moving forward at a respectable pace.

In order to do this, you will record your workout videos and send them to your trainer. Your trainer will then use the data gathered from those videos to update your workout plans for you.

You can exercise as often as you want to, at whatever time you want to, and your trainer will analyze and provide feedback for all of your footage as you go along.

This feedback will include acknowledgments of what you’re doing well so you know to keep doing it, but more importantly, it will cover any mistakes you’re making while carrying out the routine.

Your trainer will make sure you’re working out with proper form and body mechanics, and in so doing will greatly reduce the chances that you injure yourself by performing workouts in an improper manner. If there’s a motion that you just can’t get down as a result of your unique body mechanics, your trainer will make sure to adjust your routine to work out those same muscle groups in a way that is more suited to your body.

Your trainer will also be available for you to stay in contact every step of the way and will provide reminders as needed to make sure you stay accountable and on track.

Where can I go to get System2?

Already interested in what the System2 workout app can do for you?

Get System2 here and get started on your home workout journey today.

How much does System2 cost per month?

After the 14-day free trial is over, the System2 workout app will cost you $99 per month. This “at-home” personal trainer rate is a steal in value.

You can cancel your membership at any time risk-free, including during the 14-day free trial. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Why System2 is the best workout app for beginners

It is a common saying that the best workout is the one you do consistently. It doesn’t matter what your routine could do for you if you can’t will yourself to do it again and again, day after day.

There are a huge number of reasons why people stop working out, but to name just a few:

They choose motions that are too difficult for them and get worn out quickly without feeling like they’re accomplishing anything along the way.

They choose motions that are too easy and get bored or frustrated when not seeing results as quickly as they would hope.

They work out with bad form without realizing it and cause themselves injuries. No one wants to work out with even the most minor of injuries, and more severe ones may well make working out impossible for a while.

Any of a million things cause them to miss one session. Once one session is missed, the lack of immediate negative consequences for missing a session makes it that much easier to decide to skip the next one. Before they know it, it has been months since their last workout and they can’t remember the last time it even crossed their mind.

The reasons never end, but by now you get the idea. Perhaps some of these things have happened to you, perhaps even all of them at one time or another.

The unfortunate truth is that most of the unpleasant things that can cause you to fall out of the habit of improving your physical health have the greatest chance of happening when you’re just starting out.

Having your own personal trainer is the ultimate solution to all of these problems, and a solution that no other modern workout app offers.

Your trainer will make sure that you are always doing workouts that are of an appropriate level of challenge for you, and that will have you making progress at a measurable pace.

Your trainer will bring it to your attention when you’re using bad form, and reduce your risk of injuries.

If you have the misfortune to get injured anyway, or if you miss sessions for any other reason, your trainer will be there to keep you accountable.

Fear of disappointing someone you respect is a powerful motivation to workout at home or not to fail, so having someone who checks in regularly to make sure you’re still working out on schedule – even if it’s someone whose job is to do that exact thing – is by itself a huge value that you simply can’t get from other apps that offer no human connection.

It is for these reasons that we consider System2 the best workout app for beginners.

Why System2 is the best workout app for athletes

If you’re an athlete, you know very well how busy of a lifestyle athletes lead. You have practice, team exercises, and relentless travel for actual sports outings.

This is to say nothing of all the time spent in the public eye if you’re a high-level pro athlete, giving interviews and posing for photoshoots and advertisements.

On top of all this, you face overwhelming pressure from every direction to stay in tip-top shape. How, then, can you be possibly expected to choose your own workouts yourself? There’s no logic in it at all.

A personal trainer or athletic trainer is the only practical solution to the problem. A skilled professional will take away the workload of choosing and studying the workouts necessary to maintain your peak physique and the performance that goes with it. They’ll make sure you’re sticking to your schedule and exercising with proper form to maintain your health and safety so that you’re always at 100 percent when it’s time to go to work.

It is for these reasons and more that we consider System2 the best workout app for athletes.

Other workout apps and categories of apps

While System2 is generally considered an unparalleled value and a service that you simply can’t get anywhere else, it is worth looking over the other apps available for comparison.

7 minute workout

The 7-minute workout, true to its name, takes only seven minutes to do.

It is a high-intensity bodyweight exercise circuit, similar to HIIT workouts.

The seven-minute workout combines strength training and cardio into a single quick, extremely efficient routine that’s free to download and free to do.

There are actually a number of free app sources that can all provide a seven-minute home workout for you to do, and you’ll find lots of them by just searching for the phrase ‘seven-minute workouts’.

Any one of these that gets the job done, solely by virtue of its potential benefits, fits the qualifications to be one of the best workout apps.

All of that said, there are some drawbacks to this workout method.

While a home workout that you can do in such a short time frame in the comfort of your living room is a very efficient solution to your exercise woes in theory, in practice it can be downright dangerous for the uninitiated.

Such an intense exercise routine is an ideal choice for a highly experienced strength training expert who has been doing high-level workouts for their whole life.

A newbie searching for the best workout apps, however, is not that person.

Such intense exercise will spike your heart rate higher than usually expected at the very least, and if you’re not very experienced at the motions involved in the workouts you’ll be at significantly greater risk of all kinds of injuries from trying to finish your workout so quickly.

Most workout apps in this category are free and can be downloaded on either ios or android.

Nike Training Club

If you’re looking for free workouts that won’t lead to an abnormally high heart rate or increased risk of injury, the Nike training club might be one of the best workout apps for you.

The Nike training club was once a part of a premium service that has since gone free, meaning that all the content that you would once have had to pay a subscription fee per month to access is now free to download forever.

And unlike some workout apps that claim to be free, this one isn’t going to bombard you with in-app purchases.

The workout content in the training club covers everything from strength training to yoga, bodyweight back home workout programs to more traditional exercise classes.

The training club workout app is available for download on ios and android alike.

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel easily fits the bill to be one of the best workout apps around, possibly even the best home workout app when it comes to bodyweight yoga and meditation.

This workout app has meditation classes with guided meditations and yoga classes that take you through classic yoga flows.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into yoga cardio or simply want some coaching to get the most out of your personal home yoga workout, this workout app might be the one for you.

The pricing structure for this workout app is a little unorthodox.

While the download of the workout app is free, to get much out of it you will have to opt for one of two options.

You can opt for in-app purchases of the content you’re interested in, or you can forego in-app purchases in favor of a subscription fee that will unlock everything the workout app has to offer.

This workout app is available for download on both ios and android.

Find What Feels Good

Looking for a somewhat lower impact yoga workout app?

You might have heard women’s health recommending Find What Feels Good, a yoga app that only costs 9.99 per month for its subscription fee.

While the free trial for this workout app is relatively short at just 7 days long, you won’t often find a quality workout app that only costs 9.99 per month and also doesn’t have a bunch of in-app purchases to load it down.

The yoga instructor for this workout app is something of a celebrity in her circle, which helps to legitimize the app and improve the yoga experience you’re likely to get out of the app.

Altogether, the Find What Feels Good app is everything Women’s Health makes it out to be – a solid, reliable yoga app that’s a great choice for yoga enthusiasts.

This yoga workout app is available for download on both ios and android.

Fitbit Coach

Now part of Fitbit premium, Fitbit coach is popular among users of the fitness tracker by the same brand.

If you use a Fitbit to keep track of your heart rate and other vitals, you can also use it to track your progress toward your physical fitness goals.

Fitbit coach also offers some predetermined meal plans, which can help you ensure that you’re eating well enough to fuel your body appropriately for your regular workouts.

While these meal plans are not quite as effective as getting personalized meal plans made for you by a professional nutritionist, they are still better than not knowing what to eat at all and not feeding your body properly.

Without the appropriate nutrition, after all, you’re not going to get the maximum output out of your workouts.

The Fitbit workout app is available on both ios and android, but don’t forget that you’ll need a fitness tracker smartwatch to get the maximum benefit out of the app.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a somewhat unorthodox workout app.

Rather than a massive backlog of workouts for you to sift through and try to choose one for yourself, the Daily burn app selects daily workouts for you to do each day which are personalized to your level of fitness.

The workouts offered by the Daily burn app are wide-ranging.

Workout options on offer include yoga, strength training, HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training), running circuits, and more.

Unfortunately, all of these workout app features don’t come free.

It costs around $15 per month for a subscription to this app or around $20 per month for the premium version.

While it’s rough to pay a subscription fee per month for a workout app, thankfully at least this one isn’t loaded down with in-app purchases beyond the subscription fee.

Adidas Training By Runtastic

The primary claim to fame for this workout app is the brand name, Adidas Training By Runtastic, though it does have a good deal more to offer than a fancy logo.

Unlike many other fitness programs around, this workout app has a solid selection of free features.

While not all of the features are free, there’s enough free stuff to work with that you can get in some good workouts and substantially increase your level of fitness with just the free content.

Peloton Digital

This workout app has a pretty unique claim to fame: dance cardio classes.

Cardio workouts have a tendency to be rather mundane and boring, and the classes offered by this exercise app aim to correct that issue somewhat.

Aside from the unusual fair offered by this exercise app, its other features aren’t slacking either.

The Peloton free trial time frame for the app is relatively long and forgiving, lasting thirty whole days.

Even once the free trial ends, this exercise app remains relatively cheap at $13 a month.

It also happens that this exercise app is particularly designed with new app users in mind, helping the less tech-savvy app users amongst us to improve their levels of fitness along with everyone else.

All in all, you can expect to get your fair share of good workouts out of this exercise app.

Apple Fitness+

This exercise app is one to look into if you’re an enthusiastic apple product user.

Whether you’ve got an apple watch, apple tv Roku, or even just a MacBook with ios installed, apple is highly committed to making this fitness app a major contender for your attention.

Apple TV users will find this workout app particularly attractive since it will work intuitively with the TV and offer a better experience than reading through a workout app on a tiny mobile screen.

That said, you’re obviously not going to find this fitness app on the android app store.

If you don’t use Apple products, this workout app is going to be a pass for you.


If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to get audio coaching while doing your workouts, Aaptiv might be the app for your fitness journey.

This app will help you with your fitness progress by providing audio workouts with motivational music and workout classes hosted by professional trainers.

It’s a unique and interesting approach to solving the fitness problem, and it’s a great app for those among us who need a good reason to peel their eyes away from the screen in order to get on with their workouts.

Of course, naturally, such innovative fitness solutions don’t come free.

The Aaptiv app subscription fee is $15 a month or $100 a year, your choice.

Celebrity Trainer apps

Women’s Health is a big fan of workouts hosted by celebrities.

This is a fairly wide category since every celebrity’s workouts are different and their approach to training you to do their workouts will be likewise unique.

Some celebrity workouts will be free in spite of being worth a great deal, while other workouts will cost far more than they’re worth.

Some workouts sponsored by celebrities will be great, while other workouts might be all smoke and mirrors.

Sources such as Women’s Health can offer you recommendations on which celebrity workouts might be up to snuff, but ultimately it’s up to you to determine which is which.

How to choose the best workout apps for you

With so many fitness apps to choose from, how are you meant to actually pick one and stick with it?

After all, you only have so much time to figure out the best workouts for you to do.

You don’t have all eternity to fiddle around with different workouts and figure out the best one by sheer trial and error.

Let’s break it down to a few key considerations.

Factors to consider when choosing the best workout apps

Things to think about when determining which app offers the best workouts for you include, but are not limited to: features, compatibility, community, trial time frame, and cost.

Training app features

Features is a fairly nebulous term, so we’ll break it down into a couple of subcategories.

Workout formats

What kind of workouts are offered by the app is a relevant consideration.

A yoga-exclusive app isn’t going to be very relevant to you if you have no interest in doing yoga, for example.

Training delivery methods

The methods by which the training is delivered are worth taking into account.

An audio app will be of no use to you if you have trouble hearing, for one example.

Likewise, training delivered through live videos occurring at certain times of day will often fail to be of use to someone who has a busy and chaotic schedule.

Device compatibility

An app that checks off all the other boxes and is even free to boot will be of no use to you if it’s not compatible with a device that you own.

This is a less and less common concern these days as most apps are designed to be usable on both major mobile operating systems, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for on the rare occasion that an app is exclusive to one or the other.

Of course, if you own one or more mobile devices with each major operating system you’ll be free to use whatever you want since you’ll be sure to have something any given app is compatible with within such a case.

Online community

This is a consideration that won’t apply to everyone.

Some of us will be happy to work out on our own, using the information supplied by our app to get in shape while remaining free from connections to others.

Some of us, however, will be much more likely to follow through on our goals if we have friends with roughly the same goals that we can keep in contact with through a community of like-minded individuals.

This is a relatively rare feature in modern apps, but it’s worth looking into if you’re that sort of person.

30 day trial period

While it’s not a requirement per se, it is common for an app to offer a 30-day free trial or a similar period of free app usage.

If you’re seriously considering a particular app but you’re not completely certain it’s the one for you, a free period at the start of the membership could be just what you need to make the decision for sure.

Some apps are totally free forever.

Some are technically free, but you get very little out of them without spending money.

Some have a short free trial, while others are free for a good while longer.

Most apps though, in general, will be free for roughly 30 days.

Check to see how long the free trial time frame is for your app of choice, so you know how long you have to make a choice one way or the other on whether you really like it.

Cost per month

While some apps are free to download with in-app purchases, and fewer still are free entirely, the majority of apps use a subscription model.

You pay a fee once a month, or in some cases, a larger fee once a year to save money over time, and that single recurring payment earns you access to all of the features of the app.

How much value the program has to offer will depend primarily on how worthwhile its content is, but how much that content costs is still a consideration for most people.

Keep that monthly cost in mind when deciding which app is the best for you.


That’s our list of the best at-home workout apps, and how to choose which among them is the best to suit your particular needs.

Overall, our favorite at-home workout app is System2.

It offers personalized one-on-one coaching from a licensed professional, which is a specialty treatment that you simply don’t get anywhere else.

That isn’t even accounting for the fact that it does so without the inconvenience of having to meet with that professional in person or keep to that person’s timetable or any of the other annoyances usually involved in having your own trainer.

The value is simply unparalleled, even if the monthly cost is a bit higher than most others.

Unless you are absolutely certain one of the other apps is perfect for you, we highly recommend you get System2.



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