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6 Best Fitness Influencer Apps To Work Out Like A Pro

6 Best Fitness Influencer Apps To Work Out Like A Pro

March 23, 2022


There are many things to keep in mind when looking for an effective fitness training plan, and I think we can all agree that having easy access to your workouts can help you stick to the program. And what’s more accessible than having your trainer in the palm of your hand?

Nowadays, using fitness apps can be so much better than just going to a couple of gym classes every now and then. Apps allow you to track your progress, access quick workouts (for those short on time), and give you nutrition advice. They adjust to your fitness level to provide you with an effective workout routine you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

But, with so many virtual coaches out there, how do you choose the right one? Well, I’m here to help narrow down your options. Let’s go through a run-down of what I think are some of the best fitness apps, created by popular social media fitness influencers.

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Fitness Influencer Workout Apps

You may have noticed that I am talking specifically about fitness apps founded by fitness influencers. So, before going into the list, I’d like to explain why I think they are a great option.

Fitness influencers are everyday people who have built a big audience of like-minded people across social media. When you decide to start working out with them, you are not only downloading an app and getting your daily workouts. You are also becoming a part of their community.

This can give you a higher sense of belonging than working out with other apps created by a random company. Plus, the fact that you can actually get to know their personal life, story, and challenges serves as an inspiration to push yourself. If they managed to overcome the adversity, so can you.

So, with that said, let’s get into it.

The best Influencer-Made Fitness Apps

Here’s the list of the 6 best workout apps created by successful social media fitness influencers. They are all free to download, so head to your app store and start sweating!

1. Sweat – Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is one of the most popular female fitness influencers, with over 12.5 million Instagram followers. She has built quite a strong fitness-lovers community and is the co-founder of the workout app “Sweat”

Along with other personal trainers and yoga instructors, Kayla’s workout app aims to provide women the variety and support they need along their health and fitness journey. Here’s why you will love it:

  • There’s something for everyone

Really, there’s an insane variety of workout plans on the Sweat app (37 to be exact). From high-intensity circuits and cardio workouts to power-lifting to pilates and even ballet-inspired barre sessions. So if you are not sure of what kind of workout program would be your best fit, this app is your best bet to explore and even try a completely new style. 

  • You can follow multiple plans at the same time

Thanks to a recent addition of the On-Demand section you have access to all workout sessions with a variety of trainers. For example, if you follow the “Lifting At Home” plan for muscle building, but you fancy a mid-week break, you can add one of the yoga classes available. Mix and match your workouts and beat the boredom of a routine!

  • Be part of an empowered community

This is what makes Kayla’s Sweat app so special. You can access a highly-active online community of millions of women around the globe. Share your progress, support, and questions regarding nutrition tips or advice on your routine.

There’s a wide variety of topics discussed and the frequency of responses really makes you feel the motivation you might not have when you’re working out at home.

While this may not be the cheapest of all fitness apps out there ($19.99 monthly or $119.94 a year), it does come with a food plan, progress tracker, and a planner to help you organize your workouts. Not sure yet? Luckily you can try it free for 7 days! 

2. Fit Body – Anna Victoria

If you have a hard time making up your mind, or keeping a set routine is what works best for you, check out Anna Victoria’s Fit Body workout app. This American fitness trainer and model has made it her mission to help you achieve your dream body, but also improve your mental, emotional and physical health. 

The app features 4 different trainers, each with very specific goals and needs in mind (pregnancy, postpartum, home or gym-based, and yoga) which makes it easier for you to choose your path. But what makes the Fit Body app stand out among other fitness apps?

  •  Wellness Journal

Get this – The Fit Body app actually asks you to take down short notes and assess your day, your life, track your mood, celebrate small accomplishments and make sure you acknowledge what made you feel proud during the day. 

This kind of focus on mental health is something I don’t think I’ve seen in other fitness apps. Personally, I find it a very important aspect of well-being that should not be overlooked during your fitness and health journey.

  • Personalized meal plans

Abs are made in the kitchen, right? Well, Anna Victoria knows that what you eat is just as important (if not more) as how much you exercise. So a one-size-fits-all meal plan is just not going to cut it. 

With Fit Body, you will get a macro-based meal plan (30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fats), adjusting the portions and ingredients you need for each recipe. You just enter your age, height, weight, activity levels as well as fitness goals and let the app do the work. All at no extra charge!

  • Dietitian and physical therapist INCLUDED

Do you need additional support discussing your nutrition needs, or recommendations for injuries, and workout modifications?. The Fit Body membership also includes free consultations and access to a Registered Dietitian and a Physical Therapist. They can also guide you on diet variations in case of allergies or health conditions. That alone saves you a couple of hundred dollars on professional consultations!

Especially if you are a beginner, the Fit Body app will be a great option to keep you motivated, understand your dietary needs, and have a strong foundation for a successful, mindful transformation.  

3. The Body Coach – Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is a personal trainer who started his journey 10 years ago, handing out fliers at a train station to get people to come to his Bootcamp. With an Instagram following of more than 4 million fitness enthusiasts, this influencer has inspired so many people with his short workouts and recipe ideas.

His app, The Body Coach, is a compilation of those 10 years of experience working with people at all levels, and taking it one step at a time. Here’s why you should consider giving it a go:

  • Fresh content every week

The Body Coach app gives you the chance to tune in for weekly LIVE workouts with Joe. This feature introduces a great variety to your routine, giving you a new challenge and keeping you on your toes. It can go from “bootcamp month” to weekend “sweat and stretch” sessions. This will help you stay motivated and push you to go for more as you complete each new challenge.

  • Monthly Cycles

Joe Wick first became famous for his 90-day plan, which consisted of 3 monthly cycles. In each cycle, the plan was to adjust the intensity of workouts and carb intake based on the progress made. Well, the Body Coach app integrates this same dynamic (beyond the 90-day goal), giving you new recipes and workouts, cycle after cycle.

This can really be a game-changer, and it’s the closest you can get to an actual personal trainer. Progress checks to tailor your routine will help you reach your goals and go for more every time!

  • It’s your chance to HIIT

The basic principles of Joe’s plan are HIIT Workouts and strength training. BUT, there are a variety of workout videos and countless variations depending on your fitness level, that really make it the ideal way to explore high-intensity interval training. Following a four-week cycle, you can go at your own pace, and revisit past workouts at any time if you feel ready to try it again.

Prices are very similar to the previous workout apps ($19.5 monthly, or $119 a year), but the regular check-ins and interactive programs give you that sense of personalization as well as control of your journey that you might be missing from other fitness apps.

4. Tammy Fit – Tammy Hembrow 

Tammy Hembrow started her journey in 2015 before the birth of her first son. She prioritized inspiring young moms and showed them that pregnancy cannot hold them back from reaching their fitness goals. 

Tammy has a remarkable social media presence of more than 14 million followers and has worked through two pregnancies (3rd ongoing) along the way. She is here to show the world how to love, embrace, and make the best of your body in all stages of your life. Check out what she has to offer.

  • The go-to app for mums-to-be

Just taking a quick scroll through her IG page, you can see that Tammy is all about getting you through your pregnancy feeling beautiful, empowered and strong. Of course, her fitness app has plans for everyone, but if you are looking for the best way to stay fit during and after your pregnancy, look no further.

She offers at-home workouts for your second and third trimester, as well as a 5-week postpartum program to help you lose weight and give you all the support you need during this amazing journey. 

  • Gym workout programs

Tammy Fit offers both home and gym workout programs, and both options are pretty consistent, with clear instructions as well as specifications on the equipment you will need. So if you are looking for effective routines, and making your way around the gym like a pro (without paying $100 an hour), this is a great choice. 

Gym workouts include a booty program, full-body and core workouts, ab circuits, as well as upper body training. Tammy continuously adds new sets to keep introducing variety to your workouts.

  • Challenge yourself

Tammy’s workouts are super targeted. You get a booty guide, legs and abs workout, or an upper body routine. If you have a specific target and you want to give yourself a challenge this app might just be the one. Her exercises are a bit more demanding than you might think, but if you follow them correctly and stick to the plan you will definitely start seeing results fast.

Start with a 7 day free trial and see for yourself!. Prices range from $19.99 a month, to $99.99 a year (the cheapest option so far).

5. The Underbelly – Jessamyn Stanley

Looking for more of a zen-vibe? Tap into your inner self by working out along with this up-and-coming Instagram fitness influencer who doesn’t know the word can’t. Jessamyn Stanley not only advocates for physical flexibility; she will teach you just how equally (if not more) important flexibility of mind and spirit can be for your practice.

With The Underbelly, you will find a safe space to be yourself and start (or continue) with your fitness and health journey from a different perspective: acceptance. Here’s what you will find with Jessamyn.

  • A welcoming and inclusive space

Ever felt overlooked, out of place or left out by the wellness industry?. You are not alone. The Underbelly was created as “the yoga for the rest of us”, fostering an accepting and welcoming space for people of all backgrounds as well as genders, always taking into consideration all body types.

Often, yoga teachers and class attendees come in the form of white, skinny women. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it can be intimidating for many, MANY people. Jessamyn Stanley is here to change the game.

  • Lose the straight face

Yoga classes with Jessamyn are everything but boring. She has a wonderful sense of humor which keeps you from taking yourself too seriously. It’s all about having fun and being yourself. She advocates for the legalization of marijuana, and once in a while swears during the sessions (who doesn’t, right?). She is down to earth and will make you feel at home from day one.

  •  A great introduction to home workouts

If your local gym is not an option and you’re looking to start a home fitness routine, you should consider The Underbelly app. Made up of 100% at-home yoga and meditation sessions, this app makes for a wonderful guide where you will not be focused on the end result, but rather on what is happening on the inside. 

The classes are very well structured to take you down the right path and slowly become aware of your body and the processes needed to transform it. You can complete all the classes using only items around your house as yoga props (belts, books, pillows, or sofa cushions). Plus, the short sessions make it easy for you to follow.

You get a 2 week free trial, so you have nothing to lose. And the subscription is pretty affordable too (only $10 per month, or $90 for a year). 

6 You Are Your Own Gym – Mark Lauren

Finally, we have something for the bodybuilders out there (aspiring or experienced). Mark Lauren is a former soldier and special operation forces, trainer. He’s the author of the book by the same name “You Are Your Own Gym” where he takes his knowledge and puts it into a bodyweight guide designed for everyone from the beginner to the professional athlete.

Now, he’s decided to put it all together in an easy-to-follow program, with over 350 hours of streaming and on-demand bodyweight workouts that you can do from home. Here’s why You Are Your Own Gym is one of the best fitness apps to bulk you up!

  • No need for gym memberships

Mark’s training is made up of 100% bodyweight exercises. He’s developed a well structured program that promises effectiveness to the maximum without the need of any equipment. A simple, at home and convenient way to build muscle. Given the experience he has in training highly efficient athletes, you can take his word when he says he can get you from zero to hero in 12 weeks, from your own living room.

  • Step up your HIIT game

If you’ve been on the HIIT game for some time and you’re ready for a challenge, test your limits with Mark’s 10-week program. 3 workouts a week will be enough to have you sweating, crying, and wanting for more. Learn the structure and balance needed to perfect your high-intensity interval training.

  • Runners welcome

If you are a runner, you probably know that strength training plays a big role in avoiding injuries and improving your performance. Mark Lauren has also included a program to tackle what he believes is a runner’s top 3 problems: Ankle mobility, front-line mobility, and upper cross syndrome.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and improve your technique with hand-picked circuits designed for better alignment and more efficient running. The subscription starts at $14.99 for a monthly subscription or $89.99 a year, and his level of expertise really makes it a great value for your money.

So there you have it, 6 of the best fitness apps designed by everyday people, who decided to take the next step to share their experience and knowledge with the world (and make a little cash along the way!). 

Do You Have Something To Offer? Create Your Own Fitness App!

If you are a personal trainer, or a fitness influencer (or both), having a personally branded fitness app is a great influencer marketing tool. You have a lot to offer, and your followers are surely looking for an easy way to follow your workout routines, stay in contact with you, or find their next fitness challenge.

Get An Additional Income

Fitness apps give you a whole new platform where you can create workout routines, meal plans, and even live streaming content. All this opens up the opportunity to monetize your fitness brand by giving your followers subscription-based access to your content.  

Keep Your Content in One Place

Handle customer sign-ups, payments, communication, progress tracking, blog posts and everything in between, all in one place. Having your own app will make it easier for you to stay on top of your game, and free out some time for you to keep doing what you love. 

Establish Your Brand’s Reputation

A carefully developed, a branded mobile app can make a big impact on brand awareness and recognition. The key is to make it stylish, functional, informative, and easy to use. Creating an app that your followers (and customers) love and find useful love will help you establish yourself as an expert in the fitness industry.

All this may sound a bit overwhelming, and you might be thinking “Ok, this all sounds great, but where do I start?”. Don’t sweat it (no pun intended), we’ve got your back!

System2 Will Get You There

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You will not only get your own personalized and branded iOS/Android/Watch fitness app. System2 gives you the whole shebang!

  • A carefully designed, custom branded website.
  • Handling of customer subscriptions and payments.
  • Marketing and business advice from experts in the industry.
  • Program builder and templates so you can fully customize your routines.

What more do you need? Take the next step and scale your fitness business today. Get in touch, we’re ready to help.

Written By: Brenda Hernandez



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