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Fitness Digital Marketing - How To Promote Your Business
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Fitness Digital Marketing – All You Need to Know to Promote Your Business Online

January 25, 2022


Fitness centers, like every other business, will also need to earn recognition in order to succeed – which is why fitness digital marketing is a must.

Nowadays, the best way to attract people to your business is through the Internet. Fitness gyms or coaching services are no exception. If you wish to grow your business, you must get your brand out there – and very often, digital marketing is the answer.

How Do I Get Into Digital Marketing for a Gym?

To get into digital marketing for a fitness business, you will need to learn as much as you can about promoting your fitness business. In most circumstances, a marketing agency should be able to help you out, as they know all the right tools to use.

However, if you are planning to do your fitness marketing yourself, here is how you can get into it:

Learn the Basics

When you get into digital marketing, the first thing that you will need to do is to educate yourself. Not only do you need to know what digital marketing is, but you also have to learn how to associate it with your fitness center.

Know Your Members

When you are running a business that deals with the fitness field, you must learn as much as you can about the audience and the current members. What are their goals? Do they want to build muscle and bulk up, or do they want to slim up or become leaner? This will help you improve your fitness marketing efforts.

Create Websites and Accounts

If you want to get your fitness business out there, then you also have to create an online medium for it. First, create a website where the members can find out official information. After that, create accounts on the most popular platforms.

Once you go through all these first steps and get your foot into the fitness world, you may proceed to promote your fitness center.

How Can I Promote My Fitness Brand Online?

When promoting your fitness brand online, you should have a good strategy first. In most cases, it involves taking a good look at what you want your fitness business to be. Here are some tips, strategies, and fitness business ideas to keep in mind when marketing your brand.

Identify the Target Market

You decided to open a gym, so in your mind, the target market has been decided, right? Your target market should be those who want to become fit. Well, while this may be partially right, there’s more to it. Your target market does not end there.

Every gym-goer is different. Some like to lift weights. Others prefer the swiftness of Pilates. Some like to add some dancing in the mix as well, which is why they go for Zumba.

So, when marketing your gym, try to determine who you want to reach out to. What are their likes? Where are they geographically situated? This will help you create a message for your target audience that they will actually relate to.

Offer Value First

Many gym owners make the mistake of trying to just promote the business to their target audience. They offer discounts, price cuts, extras, and many more promotions that they believe a potential customer will like. And sure, people they’ll be intrigued – but not enough.

Try to put yourself into the shoes of your customer: why do they want to join your gym in the first place? Why go to your gym rather than the one several blocks away from you? They also offer discounts and similar prices, so why should they choose you instead?

The answer is simple: because you focus on value first, and selling second. You are giving them information that they find useful. While they do care about the cost of a particular gym, they also want a gym that matches their needs.

Offering value may be done in many ways. You may offer free seminars or videos where you give them nutritional tips. By offering them information that is free of cost, you will be able to hook the customer, convincing them that your gym is where they want to be.

Focus Mainly on Videos

Nowadays, video marketing has become the most popular way of advertising. While pictures offer a good visual, videos are often more powerful. They make the user curious enough to stop in their scrolling and keep watching the content.

The more they watch your video, the more likely it will be that they will remain on your page for longer. It also gives them extra motivation to pursue what you are offering.

For instance, let’s say that you post a picture of someone working out at the gym. It will look good enough to earn a “Like”, but it probably won’t be powerful enough to make users stay. However, a video pulls them straight in the gym. They feel the gym, and they get a better visual of everything going on.

Pack some useful information in there as well, such as an exercise technique demonstration or some motivational advice, and you will likely be able to add new members to the list.

Automate Your Business

Fitness gym owners and coaches – new ones, in particular – are stuck doing a lot of the functions themselves. That’s mainly because they still do not have a lot of staff to rely on yet. So, aside from having to do their own digital marketing, they also have to do things such as managing the finances or coaching the members.

Simple things such as taking some of the marketing off your plate can actually help you in the long run. Tools such as, for instance, can help you scale your business and market your gym more efficiently.

There are countless marketing tools out there that you may use to automate your digital marketing. For instance, if a client adds their email when subscribing to your platform, you may arrange for them to automatically be added to your email marketing platform. You may also automate text messages for those who leave their phone number.

Nowadays, the options are endless, and they will kick your fitness marketing up a notch.

Market to the Existent Clients As Well

Many fitness companies make the mistake of marketing to attract new clients rather than focusing on their current clientele as well. For instance, if a fitness business has multiple potential clients leaving, they will focus their marketing strategies on trying to bring new members to sign up.

While there’s nothing wrong with using this marketing strategy, it is usually not enough. For your marketing campaigns to be successful, you must try to maintain your current clientele as well.

For instance, you may do some social media fitness marketing by creating a Facebook group for gym members. Or you can market the success of current members with before and after pictures. This will surely set the wheels in motion for prospective clients as well. Once they see how these people succeeded, they will want to give it a go as well.

Give Freebies to Reviewers

Every member loves freebies, but there are ways for you to use this to your advantage. For instance, members might not feel like leaving reviews all on their own. They might enjoy your service, but they may not have the mood or energy to leave a review.

Still, if you give the members the right incentive, they might just change their minds. This may be a free weekly or monthly pass for whoever left you a review, or a discount on their membership. The Google algorithm will love you, and you’ll definitely find new members for your fitness center this way.

Offer Meal Plans

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts for the members is not to take the weight off, but to do so safely.

If you want to grow your business while nurturing your connection with the people from the fitness center, then you may want to provide some meal plans as well. This way, you’ll show them that you care about their fitness success, inside out.

Throw Challenges

There’s something about a good challenge that gets the members going – and not only. For instance, the summer season has everyone going crazy about abs – so, in springtime, consider throwing an abs challenge. This shouldn’t only go to your current gym members, but to your other subscribers as well.

Give Free Training Days

A good way to promote your fitness business and to get new members is to offer a free training day. Many individuals might feel reluctant in joining a fitness center, simply because they do not know what to expect.

They do not want to pay for a full membership when they do not know what your business or trainers can offer. However, by giving them free fitness training sessions, you’ll be more likely to attract new members to your business.

Offer the Right Promotions

Aside from freebies, everyone loves a good promotion. For instance, you may set up promotional events, such as a summer slimdown session. Or maybe you can provide flash discounts on anniversaries for the fitness memberships. Regardless of their nature, this should help grow your business.

What Are the 7 Types of Digital Marketing?

There are multiple types of digital marketing out there, but only some of them will work like a charm for the fitness industry. Here are the most appropriate marketing strategies that you may try out for your fitness business.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a great type of marketing for gyms and coaching businesses, as it attracts clients by using strategies specifically targeted for them.

Comparing it to outbound marketing that may present content your clients may not specifically need, inbound marketing gives them content that is right up their alley. This type of marketing campaign offers connections that they might be looking for, solving existent problems that a client may be dealing with.

Inbound marketing may be done in several different ways. For instance, you may align content based on the journey of the clients. Or you may set up a list of keywords that is relevant for your business. Inbound marketing is very often one of the most efficient ways to market your business to your existing clients.

Working with macro-influencers could help you leverage their audience to generate inbound leads.

Website Design

One of the most important types of digital marketing is website design. Almost everyone is looking things up on the Internet nowadays – so, if you thought that your website design does not matter, you are wrong.

Once a potential client accesses your website, they will start making an impression of your fitness business. Your fitness website will tell them everything they need to know about who you are and what your style is. It is a marketing campaign on its own.

In terms of website design, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind. First, you have the website layout, where you will determine how many pages would be included and how potential clients would surf through those pages.

Visuals are also important – i.e., the colors you use or the images that you put on your website. This will help build an image of your brand and determine whether it is worth trusting you with their money or not.

Many fitness business owners do not really give much attention to their website, simply because they believe what matters most is their actual gym or programs. That being said, if a first-time visitor lands on your website and it loads slowly or it is particularly difficult to navigate, they will not stick around.

When a potential client leaves your website due to a small technicality, you may lose a great opportunity to connect with them. Thus, each marketing agency must focus on the brand’s online presence as well.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is likely one of the most important digital marketing types. Content is the fuel of every digital marketing campaign that you will try to implement. So, whether you are planning to advertise through email, social media, blog, or anything else, you need to master this kind of marketing.

Content marketing is a process where you create and share content but without the purpose of making it seem promotional. In fact, its purpose is to be informational. It must trigger interest in your brand rather than just compelling people to buy.

Most individuals associate this with blog posts and eBooks, but it’s more than that. It can be a video, a webinar, a podcast, an infographic – anything that might have the purpose to educate, inspire and even entertain. If you caught people’s attention enough, it should be easy to convince them to buy as well.

Social Media Marketing

There are more than 3 billion social media users worldwide, and the number keeps going up every year. This means that if you do not bring your fitness marketing efforts on social media, you might just be missing out on a great opportunity.

Social media digital marketing opens the door to a wide number of activities. You have influencer fitness marketing to help you out, and you also have video marketing and social media advertising. For instance, Facebook ads are a good way to bring your fitness company out there.

Social media fitness marketing is a good thing to rely on, mainly because it offers a more humane image of your brand. For instance, by posting lively updates and fun content, you will be able to connect with the members in a more personal way.

Plus, by bringing your fitness marketing on social media, you should be able to improve your brand recognition. Nowadays, people are spending a lot of time on social media – so, the more time you spend there as well, the more chances for you to be recognized.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – commonly referred to as SEO – is also one of the most important online marketing techniques that you will want to use for your digital marketing strategy.

With SEO, you organize your content in a way that is much easier to find by a search engine (i.e., Bing, Google, Yahoo). In most circumstances, this type revolves around using the right keywords.

When searching for a gym, most people use certain keywords – i.e., aerobics fitness center or something that is relevant for them. It brings traffic to the website, and it will improve your search engine tracking.

SEO may be done in various ways, the most common being the insertion of all the right keywords. However, mobile optimization also matters here.

These days, most of the searches are done via mobile, and for Google to pick that up, you need to optimize your website for mobile. Otherwise, the algorithm will not pick you up and you will just fall to the bottom of the Google search.

The algorithm continuously changes, so you’ll want to keep updated on the latest SEO marketing for gyms. Certain modifications will need to be made along the way.

Paid digital advertising is a very useful type of marketing. However, unless you know how to use it in the fitness industry, it might be rather difficult to make your marketing campaigns stick.

Paid digital advertising can cost you a lot, especially if you have a small ROI. You need to think of a good digital marketing strategy or employ a good marketing agency to handle these matters. That being said, if you use the right marketing tools, your fitness company might find itself on the right path.

There are several ad platforms where these marketing campaigns might prove effective. However, in order to promote your fitness brand, you might want to focus on Instagram ads, Google ads, and Facebook ads. Paid ads can help you sell fitness programs online.

At first, paid digital advertising might not drive a lot of money. Very often, you might end up paying back the same amount that you are earning. It will, however, bring you a lot of recognition, which will improve your digital marketing for your gym in the future.

If you do not have a lot of experience with paid digital advertising, you might want to get a marketing agency to do it for you. They will know how to do things correctly, which will bring your fitness business higher up in the industry. They will also prevent you from losing more money than you should.

Email Marketing

More than 100 billion emails are sent and received every day – so, if you wish to get your brand out there, this should be your main method. Email marketing may not be anything new, but considering how many people are still using email, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this strategy.

With email marketing, you are sending out targeted messages to the members who left you their email addresses. Email may be used as a manner to connect with your audience and to offer them valuable content.

The advantage of email marketing is that you do not necessarily have to use it to promote your fitness brand. Sure, you can send coupons and other promotions, but it may also be used as a way to deliver valuable content and to engage with your audience.

The Bottom Line

Finding a good marketing plan for your business might seem challenging at first. However, with a good strategy, you can easily start bringing new customers to your fitness center. Check the tools and strategies above and see what works best for you. If you’re lost in the marketing world, then you can always call a marketing agency for help.



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