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Fitness Influencer Agency Versus System 2: Which One Is Best For You?
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Fitness Influencer Agency Versus System 2: What Do You Need to Grow Your Fitness Business? 

November 24, 2021


You’re a fitness influencer and you want to grow your following. You’re posting on social media, but it’s not working. You’ve been told that you need more followers to be successful, but how do you get them?

Most fitness influencers in your situation turn to a fitness influencer agency — and for good reason. An agency can help you develop an effective influencer marketing campaign, reach a wider online audience, generate more leads, and increase your salary as a fitness influencer.

But if you’re new to the fitness world, you need more than marketing help for your coaching business to thrive. You’ll need a winning business plan, a client-friendly onboarding process, a straightforward payment management process, among other things. And that’s where a platform like System2 comes in. 

In this guide, we’ll be comparing System2 to what most fitness influencer agencies offer. Let’s dive in.

Note: If you are a fitness influencer looking to launch a business and monetize your audience, then try System2. We’ll create a website for you, run the marketing and streamline your business for you. Get in touch today to try our fitness business solution.

What a fitness influencer agency can do for you

So let’s talk about how an agency can help your career as a personal trainer. Here are some of the key things that they can offer:

Optimizing your fitness website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Think of SEO as the backbone of your influencer marketing strategy. It’s what makes it easy for people to find you across different searches, and it’s also responsible for making sure that when someone types in a search related to your business, your web pages show up.

An agency can help optimize your fitness website to make it easy for people to find. They can also help with on-site SEO, making sure that you have all of the right keywords and are using things like metadata correctly.

What this means is that you’re going to be found more easily by your target audience – which is key. 

Promoting your business on social media

An agency can also help with promoting your fitness business on social media. They do this by making use of paid advertising tactics like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or Google Adwords.

Because they work with a wide range of different brands, agencies can target specific audiences based on the types of services that you offer – whether it be running gym classes, personal training sessions, or online coaching.

 This means that you’re likely to end up with more qualified leads because people are clicking through to your website specifically looking for what you have to offer.

Improving online conversions

Something else that an agency can help with is improving the number of conversions from your website. This might mean making some changes to your website which make it easier for people to take specific actions – like signing up for a fitness class, getting in touch via email, or purchasing a product.

Helping build your email list

To grow your fitness business, you’re going to need a strong mailing list. This is where agencies can help. They will often offer services specifically designed to help you build up your email list which you can then market to in the future. These include lead magnets, which are valuable pieces of content that people give their details for in exchange, landing pages, and email drip campaigns.

Sending out automated emails

Of course, once you have built up your mailing list, it’s important to keep growing it. A fitness agency can help here by making sure that there are new offers on there every week or month – whether it be discounted classes, packages, or more free content. Plus, they’re able to schedule these emails to be sent out on your behalf, so you don’t have to do this yourself. 

What System2 can do for you

On top of offering influencer marketing support, here are some of the things System2 can do for you:

Build a personal branded fitness website

You know you want to grow your career, but how can your audience reach out and touch the world of fitness with just one click on their mouse button? With a website.

A website can be the difference between being just another brand or standing out in today’s competitive market with the unique selling point that sets you apart from others on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where so many people are competing for attention each day.

Websites offer all sorts of benefits for any brand:

  • they’re easy-to-navigate and are informative
  • provide opportunities for interactivity or promotions through strategies like giveaways or contests
  • allow you to reach more people through SEO and content marketing

System2 can help you create a fitness influencer website that represents who YOU are authentically so that people know where to find out more about YOUR story. Also, you’ll be able to monetize your Instagram audience or Facebook fans.

Create a customized iOS and Android fitness app

Here’s why you may need a fitness app:

  • Offers an opportunity for extra income — You can come up with your own workouts and diets, and only give access to these materials to paid subscribers. You can also sell ad spots on the app.
  • Build your personal brand — With an app, you’ll seem more professional to potential clients. And this, in return, helps establish your reputation as a fitness industry expert.
  • Helps you reach out to your audience — Don’t let your updates get swept away in a sea of social media posts. You can use push notifications to talk directly with your audience.
  • Helps you get access to advanced analytics — With an app, you’ll get to know your target audience better. Details like the most-used features, average time spent in the app, and demographics data can give you better insight into your customers and can help you fine-tune your content.

System2 can help you create a customized fitness app, allowing you to share the joy of fitness with others on an interactive platform and earn money in return

Improve your client onboarding process

How you welcome new clients into your world as a fitness influencer may make all the difference in how long they stick with you, how much they follow their program, and ultimately what outcomes they achieve.

The onboarding process is a chance to establish a rapport with your new client, address any concerns or worries they may have about working with a personal trainer, and ensure that they understand what’s required of them.

With our help, you can get a transparent, client-friendly onboarding system that allows your customers to get settled quickly. Such an onboarding process makes it clear to customers that you live up to a professional standard and that you can provide the outcomes they desire. The result? You’re more likely to get referrals. 

Streamline your payment processes

Any personal trainer will tell you that they’d rather devote their time and energy teaching routines, growing their client base, and developing connections with current clients — rather than dealing with monthly billing spreadsheets.

But it’s a reality you have to live with. 

In a competitive market such as fitness, you can’t afford to let processes like payments fall behind. Having well-functioning procedures in place helps your consumers have an enjoyable membership experience.

Thankfully, with System2, payment management is a headache of the past. We’ll help you set up an effective payment system, so you stay on top of your cash flow — and as a bonus, be able to focus your energy on your wider business goals and objectives.

Build your own fitness empire with System2

These are only a few of the perks you get when you enroll in our services — and we don’t even require any upfront investment from you. Get in touch with us today and start growing your digital coaching business. 



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