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Fitness Influencer Salary: Can You Make A Living On Social Media?
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Fitness Influencer Salary: Can You Make A Living On Social Media?

October 26, 2021


If you have an online personal training business, have a passion for fitness, are a yogi at heart, or just love to share your healthy breakfast, the thought of becoming a fitness influencer surely has crossed your mind. 

Health and fitness influencers have been popular on social media for many years, but they have never been in such demand with the 2020 lockdowns and gym closures. Instagram has been proven to be the favorite platform among fitness enthusiasts.

More and more people are now turning to Instagram for nutrition advice and workout guidance, establishing fitness influencers as social media stars. But how much money do they make?

In this article, we will find out the Instagram fitness influencer salary and give you a few insights on what you can do to make a living on social media. Shall we begin?

How Much Do Fitness Influencers Make?

These are some of the highest-paid Instagram health and fitness influencers. Let’s find out how much they get paid per post, and what has led to their social media success.

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Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda (@simeonpanda) is a 35-year old British health and fitness influencer and bodybuilder with close to 8 million Instagram followers. Forbes has named him one of the top ten fitness influencers in the world. He has been training for over 19 years and has been part of many Musclemania competitions, winning the European Championship in 2013. 

His average pay per post on Instagram? $37,000. He also has a YouTube channel with content on training, nutrition, and lifestyle. Experts estimate his earnings at $17.5 million a year, considering his other revenue sources beyond Instagram.

Simeon Panda offers online training programs focused on mass gain, fat burn, and body toning. He also has supplements, clothing, and training accessories on his website.  

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif (@pamela_rf) is a German fitness model and social media influencer with more than 8 million followers on Instagram. She started her Instagram career at age 16, posting pictures of her having fun at the beach, home, or the gym, and in less than a year, her followers increased to 40k.

She quickly discovered that fitness-related content generated the most buzz among her audience and is now known as “the German fitness queen”. Pamela Reif has worked with global brands such as Hunkenmöller, Puma, and Bose, with an estimated $32,000 per post on Instagram. 

Her website features cookbooks, recipes, YouTube workout videos, and her new organic chocolate products called “Naturally Pam”. 

Jen Selter

Jen Selter (@jenselter) is an American fitness model who started her Instagram career when she was only 15 and now has a followers base of 12.4 million. She makes up to $80,000 per post on her Instagram account. Plus, subscriptions to her fitness plan earn her another million a year.

Her Instagram posts and famous “belfies” have led her straight to the covers of well-known magazines, including Muscle and Fitness, Vanity Fair, FHM, among others. In 6 years, she went from being just a girl working the front desk at a gym, to having an Instagram fitness empire.    

Pretty impressive, right?  You don’t need millions of followers to start making money. If you are just getting started on Instagram, let me tell you, you are on the right platform. There’s loads of competition, but there are also many opportunities awaiting. 

The Rise of The Nano and Micro-Influencers

Nowadays, more brands are turning to creators with a smaller followers base, the so-called “nano” and “micro” social media influencers. Why? The key is ENGAGEMENT. Let me give you an example:

Female nano fitness influencer Carla Jian (@CarlaJian), with just a bit over 8k Instagram followers, has an engagement rate of 3.18%. Remember American media socialite Kim Kardashian? Her Instagram engagement rate is at 1.17%. Despite the significantly smaller follower count, micro and nano-influencers usually have a bigger impact on their audiences and are an organic way to reach customers. 

That’s what brands are looking for. Loyal audiences, influencers that have an authentic connection with their followers. Keeping your Instagram followers interacting with your posts, and gaining their trust, you can easily turn clicks into conversions and start cashing in.

Let’s take a deeper look into Nano- and Micro-influencers and see how much money you could be making!

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Nano Health and Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Social media influencers/personalities with less than 10k followers are called nano-influencers. Everyday people who have gotten popular enough to attract some sponsors. Their follower count can be as low as 1,000, but usually, their audience is highly engaged, allowing them to work with brands and start making a name for themselves. 

Check out these nano fitness influencers and what they are up to. Maybe you can find inspiration on how to monetize your own Instagram fitness account?

Carla Jian @carlajian – Yoga & Fitness Instructor

We mentioned her before, Carla Jian; with over 8k Instagram followers, she is estimated to make between $80 to $150 per post for sponsors. She is a certified holistic health coach and is a Yoga and Barre instructor. Her website “Carla Jian Wellness” offers a variety of scheduled or on-demand workout routines and private individual or group yoga sessions starting at $10 per class. 

Julia Merwin @juliamerwin – Fitness Trainer

Julia Merwin is a NASM certified personal trainer and a former collegiate gymnast passionate about health and fitness. With 5.5k Instagram followers, her estimated earnings per post are from $50 to $85. 

She also has a YouTube account with 1.2k subscribers where she is already doing some advertisements for skincare and healthy food products. Her website offers online training programs, 1-on-1 personal training, and fitness guides.   

Christine @christine_trains – Personal Training

Christine is a US Navy vet, ACE-certified personal trainer, specializing in functional movement and fitness nutrition. She has a bit over 3k Instagram followers with a very decent 3.11% engagement rate, which allows her to charge an average of $35 to $57 per post. She is an ambassador for the sportswear company Fabletics and her website features in-person and online coaching services.

Micro Health and Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Ok, so moving on one step up, we have the micro-influencers, ranging from 10k to 100k Instagram followers (over 100,000 followers would be a macro influencer). This is the most common kind of fitness influencer on Instagram, who have attracted enough loyal followers, and who find their content relevant and inspiring.

Their level of credibility and availability, paired with a larger audience that is still highly engaged, makes them a popular target for brands looking to promote their niche-specific products. Here’s what some up-and-coming micro fitness influencers are doing.

Deanna Di Carlo @dedica – Yoga Teacher & Fitness Professional

Fitness influencer Deanna is a former Canadian dancer and yoga teacher focusing on vinyasa practices, with 55.9k Instagram followers. Her estimated earnings per post are between $224 and $370. She started on Instagram in 2012 with the typical party girl and champagne-sipping posts, but her account quickly evolved into a warm and inspiring platform. 

She focuses on self-love and a positive attitude. Her website offers online yoga classes for a $90 one-time subscription and is currently hosting an all-inclusive yoga and horseback riding retreat in Mexico!  

Tom Bliss @tomblissy – Athlete & Coach

Tom Bliss is a retired professional rugby player. He has 35.5k Instagram followers and is an ambassador for the global fitness brand Under Armour. He is estimated to make between $170 and $290 per sponsored post. He also has a personal training app where he offers online training programs starting at $55 per month.

Allen Swan @allenswan – Fitness Trainer

Allen Swan is a former basketball player and model, showcasing his  men’s fashion and fitness expertise on Instagram. With almost 22k followers, he’s already partnering with small-scale brands like the clothing brand Legends, for which he is an ambassador. 

His estimated earnings per post are between $140 and $230. He is also working on an online training program which will be launched soon. 

In case you didn’t notice, Tom Bliss has roughly 14,000 more followers than Allen Swan, but their estimated pay per post is not that different. Well, this is because Allen Swan’s engagement rate is at 3.43%, which gives his posts more value and allows him to charge a bit more.

How Do You Become A Paid Fitness Influencer And Grow Your Brand?

So, how can you become an Instagram fitness influencer and make money for being a brand advocate? And then, how do you use this to grow your own brand?  First of all, there are no shortcuts to success. It takes discipline, patience, and hard work to live the good life of an Instagram fitness influencer. But I will give you a few tips on the areas you should be focusing on to achieve the goal.

5 tips to get you there

  • Define your niche.  Yes, you want to be a fitness influencer, but what kind? Who are you targeting? If you specialize in youth or senior training, yoga, bodybuilding, or pregnancy fitness. You must clearly define your niche because this will determine the type of content you share and help attract an audience that is interested in what you have to offer.
  • Be consistent. Once you know who your audience is, be consistent in giving them the content they like. Posting regularly will build anticipation and keep your followers checking back to see what you are up to. Additionally, utilize all Instagram features like stories, live video, hashtags, boomerangs, etc. If you know all the ways to reach your audience, you will be a better target for brands looking for ambassadors.
  • Engage with your audience. Building a community is about engaging with your followers and not just posting your content from the sidelines. Make sure to respond to comments or questions and invite your followers to participate in discussions. Empathy and relatability are qualities that make up successful fitness influencers. Do your best to make that connection with your audience.
  • Show them what you’ve got. Instagram is a great platform for health and fitness influencers to showcase themselves and the services they have to offer. Make sure to include a link to your website on your bio, and create content to show your audience what they can get from working with you. If you are a personal trainer, share healthy recipes, post teaser videos introducing a workout routine, or before and after pictures of your current clients.
  • Prepare for success. As a health and fitness influencer, many of your followers are bound to become your clients, and you need to be prepared to give them your best. Having a well-designed website, workout programs, and a platform where they can find everything they need from you will make your personal training business run professionally and smoothly.

You could also work with a fitness influencer agency or System2 to help.

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Written by: Brenda Hernandez


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