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A Gold's Gym Home Trainer Alternative: System2 Personal Training
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A Gold’s Gym Home Trainer Alternative: System2 Personal Training

July 13, 2021


Finding a quality personal trainer can be difficult.

Whether it’s the lack of knowledge, motivation, or just the need for an accountability partner, finding the right personal trainer is essential for improving your health. Not only will a good personal trainer help develop personalized workouts to help you reach your goals, but they’ll also keep you focused and provide instruction to improve your form and avoid the potential for injury.

If you don’t have the knowledge or desire to write your own workouts, hiring a personal trainer is a great option. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options out there offering personal training services. Two of the most popular options include hiring a personal trainer from a fitness center, like Gold’s Gym, or using at home personal fitness coaches, like System2.

That said, all personal training services are not created equal. Before you start shopping around, let’s walk through the differences between hiring a personal trainer from a local gym, like Golds Gym, versus hiring a virtual fitness coach through System2.

Let’s Start With The Basics…

Personal training services can vary significantly depending on the gym or company you work with. From the cost, quality of training services, and access to your coach, it’s important to identify the pros and cons of joining a gym or working out at home before hiring a coach.

Let’s dive into the basics of hiring a trainer from Gold’s Gym versus working with an elite fitness coach from System2.

Gold’s Gym Personal Training

Gold’s Gym is an established health and fitness chain with gyms located throughout the United States. Originally started by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, CA, each gym offers a variety of cardio and strength training equipment. As an added benefit, each fitness center also offers group exercise programs and access to personal training services where you can get one-on-one access to a qualified fitness coach.

Membership Cost of Gold’s Gym

If you’re looking for a Gold’s Gym personal trainer to help you reach specific health and fitness goals, you’ll first have to purchase a club membership. While each location’s prices vary slightly, a gym membership at Gold’s Gym will generally cost about $29 per month, plus a one-time startup fee of $75.

Once your membership is active, you’ll then have access to their personal training services. However, the fees don’t stop there. Each session with a personal trainer costs roughly $65 per 50-minute session.

System2 Fitness Coaching

System2 is an innovative, virtual fitness coaching app that allows you access to a certified personal trainer at the comfort of your home. With System2, you get access to a personalized training plan, 24/7 accountability, progress tracking, as well as a daily review of your workout footage with specific feedback to improve the next session.

System2 is the perfect way to workout without a gym. It can be used at your house, outdoors, or at the gym. Using the equipment you prefer, or none at all, you’ll build a real relationship with an elite, certified fitness coach through daily interactions and accountability coaching.

Membership Cost of System2

Unlike Gold’s Gym personal training services, when you hire a fitness coach through System2, you don’t pay for each training session. Instead, your small monthly fee of $99 gives you unlimited access to on-the-go coaching. In addition, System2 records all of your workouts, and with the help of AI, your coach can analyze your form and training technique to provide same-day feedback. No more wondering if you’re “doing it right.”

Why System2 Is Your Best Choice…

In 2021, we live in an instantaneous world. Food delivery is available immediately with the tap of a button. Access to information is instantaneous with access to Google and YouTube. And now, we can even control our lights, devices, and appliances all through an app.

Why should access to a personal trainer be any different?

With Gold’s Gym, you’ll not only have to pay for a gym membership but also travel to the gym for each training session. To get access to their coaches, personal trainers, and group exercise classes, you have to be physically present at the gym. Going to the gym brings with it a lot of wasted time, including traveling to and from the gym, waiting for your coach to be ready, and waiting for others to be finished using equipment at the gym.

With System2, your coach and equipment are available with the tap of a button. With an easy-to-use app, your personalized workouts are ready to use whenever and wherever you want!

Membership Cost Comparison

For Gold’s Gym training services, you’ll have to pay the $29 monthly membership plus $65 per training session. Although each training relationship varies, most personal trainers recommend 1-2 sessions per week. On top of the $29 membership fee, that’s an additional $500 per month for the training sessions.

With System2, you don’t pay for each individual training session. Instead, for a monthly fee of $99, you’ll get unlimited access to an elite fitness coach who will develop workouts designed specifically to help you reach your health goals.

Training Services Comparison

Gold’s Gym does offer access to a ton of great, highly qualified personal trainers. That said, you have to show up at the gym for each session, and your coach has to be available at that time. Once your workout is complete, the feedback loop generally ends there.

With System2, your coach will communicate with you almost daily. Starting with a 40-minute video onboarding call, you’ll then have a video call at least every 2 weeks after that, or more frequently if preferred. In addition, your coach will communicate with you daily via text while also reviewing your workout footage and data to provide you with same-day feedback.

Additionally, your personalized workouts will be available for you to complete at your convenience. No more complicated scheduling, driving to the gym, or waiting for equipment to become available.

System2 fitness coaches develop programs you can use to workout at home vs the gym, with the equipment you already have available.

Health and Fitness Technology

With Gold’s Gym, most of your interactions with personal trainers will be done during the training session itself. On the flip side, with System2, you’ll have access to your coach anywhere, anytime via video, audio, or text.

The System2 app uses video and activity trackers along with AI to monitor every workout you do. When you signup, you’ll get a free, custom-designed hardware kit to work out in front of your phone when you choose to.

Your coach will then review your workout footage and accompanying data immediately after the workout and give you specific feedback to improve. This fast, data-driven feedback will help you improve and reach your goals faster- all from the comfort of your own house.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for an elite, on-the-go personal trainer to help you reach your health and fitness goals, System2 is a perfect choice. Not only will you get 24/7 access to an elite fitness coach through text, phone, and video, each workout is backed by technology developed by engineers at Google, Microsoft, and MIT. For $99 per month, you’ll get same-day feedback on your workouts, and each training session can be completed when and where you want.

As part of your System2 membership, you’ll get unlimited access to an elite fitness coach who will create as many workouts as you need, hold you accountable, review your workout footage, and give you specific feedback on your workouts.

If you’re tired of traveling to a crowded gym, sick of gym judgment, or done paying for a gym membership on top of a costly fee for each training session, System2 is perfect for you. Sign up today to get access to full-body workouts from the comfort of your own home!


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