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How To Make Money As A Fitness Influencer - The Simple Guide
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How To Make Money As A Fitness Influencer – The Simple Guide

October 7, 2021


So you want to make money in the fitness industry.

You want to become a fitness influencer, an ambassador for the fitness community.

But you just can’t seem to crack the code to make it happen.

What gives?

Well, to solve the mystery you first need to understand the truth about making money.

You don’t make money.

In reality, making money is impossible (see for yourself fitness influencer salaries).

You, as a private individual, don’t make money. The government does that.

Your job then is not to make money magically appear in your hands out of nowhere, but rather to do something that will cause others to give you their money.

What making money actually means

Therefore, when people talk about ways to make money, what they are actually talking about is ways to earn money from others.

This is an important distinction because it changes your entire mindset about the process.

Ways to make money as a fitness influencer

With that out of the way, how do you actually make money as a fitness influencer?

Well, one major component of that is that you will have to become a fitness brand.

The importance of brands

Your potential customers need to know your brand name and associate that brand with quality that they will want to pay for.

Successful fitness brands aren’t always the ones that provide the highest quality products or services.

Successful fitness brands are often those that have the best marketing, the most well-known sponsors, the most influential network, and so on.

How to become one of those successful brands

In this day and age, the only remotely realistic way to conduct effective marketing and develop a functional network that puts you in contact with customers is to leverage the power of an existing platform.

Let’s check out a few of the most common methods that up-and-coming fitness influencers use to establish their own audience and base of clients.

Become a System2 personal trainer

An increasingly popular method for establishing an audience to make money off of is to become a personal trainer through an existing fitness app.

System2 is an example of one such app, offering a niche alternative to the oversaturated business practices on other platforms.

If you want to make money in the fitness sphere, there are fewer faster ways of getting your income flowing than to start a personal training business online using System2.

What System2 can do for you

You won’t have to spend time on inbound marketing because you’ll be set up with your own website with your own brand which will sell your services to potential clients for you.

It’s free to get started, and you won’t have to worry about how you’ll get paid as the system will handle payments from clients for you.

With your own brand website, custom brand phone apps, and the full support of the System2 infrastructure, you will be able to focus on working your network and turning users into clients, all leading to making more money for your personal training work.

If you’re interested in skipping much of the obnoxious legwork that goes into developing your own business to become a fitness influencer, give System2 a try.

Why the other options just don’t cut it

There are certainly other approaches to earning money as a fitness influencer.

However, most of these methods involve investing a lot of time and effort upfront into developing a following on social media.

If you’re at the point where you’re looking to earn money online as a fitness influencer, this is probably time that you don’t have to give.

Building a business as a personal trainer with System2 is faster, more direct, and will get you paid much more reliably.

You won’t have to constantly worry about content engagement, balancing a million different accounts across as many platforms, moderating comment sections, or even going to the gym every single day to get post material for your fitness instagram.

However, in the interest of giving them a fair shake, let’s take a look at a few example options.

Become a Nutrition influencer

One business related to fitness influencers is nutrition influencers.

The components are two halves of a whole, as no matter the workout you can’t get all your fitness results from the gym alone.

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

Eating healthy food in healthy amounts is the other piece of the puzzle of effective fitness, which means fitness influencers and nutrition gurus need each other.

If you decide to specialize in nutrition, you might find it easier to get sponsors and partnerships with fitness influencers as a result.

The grass isn’t greener on this side.

However, there will be a lot of extra work that goes into this path.

It isn’t merely the simple matter of preparing meal plans to put on a blog page and then waiting to get paid in ad revenue.

Just a few of the things you’ll have to do

For a start, going down this path means you will first have to design your own website from the ground up.

Creating a website may not be a herculean task, but it is extra work that you wouldn’t have to go through if you went a different way.

Then of course you’d need to create several things for your business site.

You’d need a bio page to introduce yourself to visiting users, and try to sell them on why they should give you money for information they can get for free all over the internet.

You’d also need to make regular blog posts for your blog page, feeding users information that will give them a reason to want to keep coming to your site.

Don’t give away too much for free

However, you’ll have to balance what you put into your blog posts with what you withhold for the sake of putting it in a product. You’d be able to sell your fitness program online.

The reason you need to create a product to convince users to buy is that ad revenue simply isn’t the money maker it used to be.

Online users are increasingly desensitized to advertisements, and the result is that each visitor to your blog page is worth less money to you than they would have been in the past.

It’s a heavy upfront investment

The number of followers you would need for your blog to generate a healthy stream of income for you would be prohibitively high, and the chances that you get to a million followers just writing posts about meal plans is highly implausible.

So you would need to create something – a book, a class, or some other thing of value that offers interested visitors a way to get more out of their visit in exchange for giving you money.

Then you would have to engage your readers enough for them to justify that purchase, which will be a tall order given that the information contained in your product is likely available elsewhere online.

Driving audience engagement is a huge task

All of this isn’t even accounting for the fact that you’ll have to get people to come to your site in the first place, which means creating content that not only engages the human audience but also the programs that decide what content gets served to people on search engines.

You’ll also have to propagate that content across various social media platforms, engage your followers on each social media platform to click through to visit your site and buy your product, and so on.

It’s not easy to create all that content yourself, and the longer it takes to get it all done the more potential profit you miss out on.

Of course, getting help with the process will involve having to pay others for their part in the content creation process.

These are only a few of the complications involved in the decision to make money as a nutrition influencer.

As such, if you are really interested in the possibility to make money online with your fitness knowledge, we recommend sticking to a fitness account.

Become a Youtube Yoga influencer

Fitness influencers are always judged at least partially on a visual basis, but yoga influencers are an example of those who are judged even more so this way.

There are other ways to make it as a yoga enthusiast, but if you’re intent on marketing yourself in that fashion then doing so on a video-based platform is probably a wise move.

Videos show your work in motion

After all, videos can more adequately show off your prowess in the art of yoga in ways that still images simply can’t do.

As an extra way to drive engagement with your followers, you can go live on Youtube and give your followers the chance to interact with you in real time.

There are problems with this path too

However, there are of course complications with the idea of working in the Youtube niche.

One that is going to be a deal breaker for many is the notion that you’ll be on display as a model for your followers.

Nobody wants to be looked at like a living doll

Your followers will expect you to maintain a super-model physique, and if your looks begin to slip even a little the comment section in your videos will give you all kinds of harassment.

If you slip too much, you will lose credibility with your followers and people will start to tune out of your Youtube channel.

This kind of scrutiny can be stressful for just about anyone, and if you go down this route you might find that you need to head to the gym and hire yourself a personal trainer of your own to make sure you stay in adequate shape to do your job.

Then of course there is always the issue of creating content.

The algorithm is a harsh, unforgiving taskmaster

Followers on your Youtube channel will expect you to create content for them to consume on a regular basis, and those video posts are not easy to make.

It’s not even just your followers you have to worry about, either. The digital algorithms running the Youtube platform are highly unforgiving to less prolific channels that don’t put out video posts on a very regular basis.

You will have to post videos on a frequent, reliable schedule to remain relevant and in the spotlight.

Keeping content relevant is a brutal chore

And of course you will have to do this while staying up to date on the current trends and hashtags in the industry in order to keep your content relevant to what people actually want to see.

You will also have to do all of this while trying to carve out your niche on the platform, grooming a number of potential sponsors to pay the costs of making your video posts, moderating your comment sections as best you can, all while facing many of the additional problems associated with being an up-and-coming influencer.

You still have to wait for people to discover you

You can’t expect to make much money from your videos alone until you have at least a million followers, and if you don’t find a way to make money to hold you up while you work on getting there you’ll never get to that many followers in the first place.

So, while it is definitely possible to make money as a Youtube yoga fitness influencer, we can’t recommend it for all the work and stress that goes into the video post grind all while maintaining a model body.

Instagram Fitness Influencers

So you aim to monetize your Instagram Fitness account.

It sounds like an easy enough gig, right?

To make money on Instagram, all you have to do is post online on social media, show off your model body, slap on some inspiring quotes to drive engagement with your posts, and let the money roll in.

Except, does it really work like that?

No, not really.

No such thing as an easy gig.

If you intend to make money with an Instagram fitness account, you’re going to need to engage yourself with a much more serious attitude.

Countless Instagram fitness influencer profile accounts have been made with that goal in mind, and the vast majority of them never made so much as a penny.

How to be better than the failed Instagram Fitness accounts

You’re going to need to build up an audience of users you engage with regularly, and then convert those Instagram followers into a source of income.

The number of followers required to make this happen will vary from person to person, but in all likelihood, it will require at least a million followers.

When watching somebody else do it, it’s very easy to forget that that is a very big number.

All the time you spend building up those followers is going to make you nothing on its own, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to turn your following into anything when you get there.

What to do with your following once you have it

To make money on Instagram, just like any other social media platform, you essentially have to sell out.

You have to groom sponsors who will pay you to get your followers to buy their product, do affiliate marketing to get your followers to buy products from someone you partner with, or create your own product and get your followers to buy that instead.

Of course, this whole time you have to work out enough to stay in great shape for your Instagram profile pictures.

On top of that, you have to keep up to date with the latest hashtags and market trends to know how to drive engagement with your content and get people to see what you post in the first place. Be sure to optimize your Instagram profile to match your fitness brand.

Try them all at once

A common mistake made by beginner entrepreneurs is biting off more than you can chew.

The truth is that making money online in any way whatsoever is an incredible challenge at first, and it only gets harder when you try to do a ton of different things that are only vaguely related to one another.

Start with the short term

Many people make the decision to become influencers impulsively, often following the example of someone successful they admire.

Others do it out of necessity, believing working online to be their golden ticket out of poverty.

Regardless of the motivation, it’s easy to find an example of someone who dreamt big and never went anywhere with it.

Most of us have been there, one time or another.

But we only have so many hours in a day, and we have to be careful how we choose to use that time.

Why System2 is the best option for immediate gains

With System2, you’ll have all the help you need to get set up and get going in a hurry.

None of the extensive initial investment in infrastructure and following.

You can just skip straight to the process of connecting with paying customers.

Why the other options fall behind

Not only do you have to set up your own site and your own channels across social media when working the other ways, but each one of them requires a large number of people to know and trust you before you can make so much as a dime.

Spreading yourself thin by trying to build a following on multiple platforms at once will only make it take even longer.

It will also leave you with less time to work on training paying customers.

Slowly work your way up

Becoming any kind of influencer is a big task to take on.

The major online platforms are all saturated with influencers of every kind, and users only have so much mental bandwidth to check out so many channels.

However, if you start small and get profitable quickly, you can work your way up.

With System2 as the bedrock of your business, you can eventually reach the point where you have the resources required to easily build a following on other platforms to supplement your endeavors.


This list covered several of the most common ways to make money with your fitness knowledge, and hopefully, now you can understand why we recommend System2 over many other well-known options.

If you’re ready to build your fitness empire, it’s time to try out System2. We are much more cost-effective than a fitness influencer agency. Get in touch today and see for yourself.

Written by: Nathan Dresser



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