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How To Monetize Instagram Fitness Accounts: 4 Strategies For 2022
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How To Monetize Instagram Fitness Accounts: 4 Influencer Marketing Strategies

October 7, 2021


Do you have a fitness-related Instagram account? It’s time to start making money off of it! Instagram is quickly becoming a massive marketing platform, with roughly ONE BILLION active users every month. It’s no wonder why more and more people are turning to it as the top social media for revenue. In fact, check out the salary for fitness influencers and see for yourself.

If you have been working on your Instagram fitness profile for a while, growing your Instagram followers base, and connecting with the fitness community, you can take advantage of this huge platform to make a living out of your passion.

We are about to explore the top 4 marketing strategies for fitness influencers on Instagram so you can discover how to monetize your Account. Let’s get started!

How can you make money on Instagram?

There are many ways to make money on social media, and your Instagram fitness account is not the exception. Maybe you are starting a personal training business and you want to bring in more clients, or you just want to make some extra cash for doing what you already do (inspire people).

No matter what the reason is, there is a marketing strategy for you. Let’s go over the top 4 ways in which you can start to make money on Instagram.

1. Product Placements

If you see someone eating Doritos or drinking Coca-Cola in a movie, chances are that it is a product placement. The production is paid to have the product in sight or interact with it during the movie and in turn, they receive revenue for the resulting sales. This can also be done using social media.

If you have enough followers, you can make money by doing this on your Instagram page as well! In this type of Influencer marketing strategy, you do not specifically mention or address the product, it just casually makes an appearance on your posts. 

How to nail Instagram product placement

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to make money as a fitness influencer with product placements in your Instagram fitness account.

Be an authentic fitness influencer

For brands, authenticity is crucial. They are looking for a fitness influencer that can promote their services and products in such an authentic and natural way, that their audience will not perceive it as advertising. To easily achieve this, you should focus on choosing a brand that sticks to your niche and then casually integrate it into your posts.

Promote the product as if it had been part of your daily routine for years. If your placements feel too much like an ad, you may start losing credibility with your audience. Aim to always promote products that will deliver value to your target audience and do not oversaturate your account with marketing.    

Go the extra mile

When it comes to influencer marketing activities on Instagram, you must never be afraid of going the extra mile. If you are already working with a company, and you care about the collaboration, show it to them by creating high-quality content for them that is truly engaging.

For example, if you are paid for product placement in your feed, offer to share it in your stories as well. Or you can be proactive and suggest adding a discount code for your audience on a product you know your Instagram followers will like. Brands will most likely appreciate your efforts and keep coming back to you.

These days, there are so many great Instagram influencers out there, and it can be hard for brands to find the right fit. If they find a valuable collaboration with you as their fitness influencer, they will want to stay with you for longer and maybe even make you their brand ambassador.

Audit your profile

As a social media influencer, who is looking for marketing opportunities, you should verify your post results on a regular basis. Every single post on your Instagram page can give you lots of insights that can help you boost your engagement rate and reach a larger audience. This is something every brand will be looking for. 

Your engagement rate is basically showing you how many people who saw your post, actually engaged, either by liking it, commenting, or sharing it. With your Instagram business account, you can access this information quickly and make adjustments to your posting strategies.

For example, you can experiment with posting at different times of the day, and measure which time gives you the best results. Also, find out what type of posts get you a better response from your followers and give them more of what they like.

How much to charge for product placements

There is no hard-and-fast rule when pricing Instagram product placements. The truth is, you decide how much you want to quote when negotiating with brands. When doing so, you must always consider the number of followers you have, engagement rate, shoot-related expenses, and the brand’s goal.

The industry standard is charging $10 per 1,000 followers. You can start here and build your prices up.

2. Sell Products 

One of the best ways to make money using your Instagram account is by selling products. You have two options: Creating and selling your own products or becoming an affiliate for another brand to get a commission for each sale that you generate. Let’s explore both options.


If you have a personal brand that is unique, makes a statement, or simply has enough success among your audience, you can create your own products and advertise them on your Instagram page. Make them either part of your posts (like product placement but for your own brand), or, make it the content itself. 

Some self-branded products you can start with to make money are shaker bottles, sports equipment (such as resistance bands), caps, or sportswear. If you are not sure what to sell, you can analyze your audience to see what they use, consume or wear on a daily basis. Or, share your intentions of creating a product, and ask them what they need or would find valuable. 


Marketing affiliate products is one of the most popular ways of making money on Instagram. With this strategy, you make money by promoting a brand’s products or services as their “ambassador” and get a portion of the sales revenue. 

It is very simple; once you have signed up as a brand’s affiliate, you include their URL link or code in your posts, encourage your audience to check out the product, and ultimately make a purchase. Every time somebody buys using your link, you will get a commission.

How much? Depending on the industry and the type of product that you are promoting, a fitness influencer can expect a commission percentage between 10% to 20%. It’s very easy to sign up as an affiliate. You just need to Google the product name + “become an affiliate” and you will be on your way.

3. Sponsored Posts

Creating sponsored content is a great way of making money using your Instagram account. It’s about collaborating with a brand to promote their products and services on your page, by creating photos and videos to recommend it to your audience. Brands know that Instagram influencers have a high credibility level, and if you promote their product well, they’re going to make money.

This is different from product placement because you will be creating content that is meant to advertise the product openly (Instagram actually requires you to disclose when you are sharing sponsored posts). It is also different from affiliate marketing because you get paid a flat rate per post instead of a commission per sale.

How much money can you make?

You can create sponsored posts in different formats such as unboxings, tutorials, or giveaways. In this case, your engagement rate will play a huge role in getting brands’ attention and how much you can get paid per post. 

If you base your prices on the number of followers you have, you can charge $.01 per follower ($10 for every 1,000 Instagram followers) per post. If you base it on your average engagement rate, you can charge up to $.75 per post engagement. Much like in product placement, your prices can vary depending on the time and effort you have to dedicate to each post. 

How to find brands to collaborate with

A good way of finding brands to create sponsored content for is to use Instagram’s Brand Collabs Manager tool. Here you can create your fitness influencer portfolio with all of your information, such as interests and the type of content you share. Brands will use this tool to search for Instagram fitness influencers to work with, so if you match what they are looking for, they can get in contact with you.

You can also search for brands that you currently use or like, and that you think your Instagram followers might appreciate as well. Contact them to see if they are interested in working with you.

4. Teach Something 

If you have knowledge of a specific niche, you can make money on Instagram by creating an information product and teaching your audience what you know. This can be any informational or educational product such as an e-book, website, newsletter, or video courses.

Create simple and easy-to-understand content where you can organize the knowledge or skills you can teach. Then, you can use your Instagram account to promote your brand’s content, giving a preview of the product you will deliver.

How to promote them on your Instagram page

This can be as simple as having a series of weekly tips, “how-to” posts, teaser videos, or IGTV explainer videos (read our guide for how to monetize Instagram IGTV). All with the intent of gaining the interest of your viewers and getting them excited about what comes next.

For example, let’s say you are offering pre and post-natal fitness products, including workout routines, meal plans, and online personal training services. You can post tips on how to lead a healthy pregnancy, breathing techniques, and snippets of your routines with existing clients. 

Even a picture of your breakfast on your Instagram account can help you make money by converting a follower into a client if you promote your brand well. Always include a call-to-action at the end of your posts to encourage your followers to visit your social media accounts, website, text you, or email you for questions and more information about your product or services.

Take your fitness brand to the next level

If you want to use your Instagram account (or any other social media) to drive clients into your personal training business and make money, you need to start with a strong branding strategy. Have somewhere your potential clients can go once you get their interest on social media. 

System2 is THE agency you will need to grow your coaching business and create your own brand. In fact, read our comparison to a fitness influencer agency.

We create a custom-built fitness website (with your own branding), custom-branded apps for iOS and Android devices, marketing assistance, business insights, and much more. All in one platform. Get in touch with us to discover all we can do for your fitness business.

Written by: Brenda Hernandez



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