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How To Monetize Instagram IGTV Videos (2022 Instruction Guide)

How To Monetize Instagram IGTV Videos (A Complete Instruction Guide)

March 3, 2022


In today’s world, nearly everyone is on social media. Whether it is having a Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram account, most people spend a lot of time scrolling through social media. Nowadays, social media platforms allow more creators to earn money by adding advertising to the content they upload.

Included in this is the Instagram app. No longer in the testing phase, Instagram creators can include ads on the videos that they uploaded. This new revenue stream will let users earn money for the content that they upload.

Below we will look at how to monetize Instagram IGTV videos to earn money on your videos.

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What is IGTV Monetization?

IGTV is Instagram TV allowing creators to post their high-quality videos to the Instagram platform. This lets the creator share content in a video format different from an Instagram video on their feed, which follows a 60-second format.

Before, creators were limited to 15-second videos in their stories and 60-second videos in their feed. However, with the addition of IGTV, users will be able to post videos for up to 60 minutes. Unlike stories, this content will be permanent on your feed and you can monetize it.

Basically, this means that influencers can earn ad revenue from their IGTV channel when users watch their videos and the ads that it features.

IGTV monetization will be similar to Facebook Watch which displays advertisements for viewers.

How do IGTV videos make money?

Similar to Facebook Watch and YouTube, video creators can feature advertising on their videos. The video will play ads sponsored by other brands which will be seen by their potential customers.

Based on the number of fans who view the video and the accompanying ad on IGTV, the influencers will earn revenue for that video.

Before a user can earn money on their videos, they must be eligible and enable monetization on their IGTV account.

How do I enable monetization on Instagram?

Your account must be eligible before you can enable IGTV monetization on your videos.

Below are some basic rules that will decide whether you can enable IGTV monetization on your account.

Account Eligibility

  • You must have at least 10.000 followers on your Instagram account.
  • Your account must have existed for at least 90 days.
  • You need to be based in either the United Kingdom, the United States, or Australia. Instagram confirmed that these are the first three countries eligible for IGTV ads, however more will be added.
  • Your content must be in English.
  • Your IGTV videos must be at least 3 minutes long. IGTV ads are meant for longer form content different from an Instagram video on your feed.
  • Your content must be original. This means that your quality content needs to be made by you.
  • Your IGTV videos need to get at least 30.000 1-minute views within the last two months.
  • Your posted content must comply with Instagram’s policies. This will include no hate speech, violence, or discrimination.

Read our guide on how to apply to be an influencer for Instagram.

Content Prohibited by Instagram

Along with the ban on hate speech, violence, and discrimination, other categories will deny influencers access to monetization.

Prohibited Formats

Instagram will not monetize content in the following formats:

  • Static Videos that contains only one image
  • Static Image Polls that only present an image and rely on users to engage by responding to the poll
  • Slideshows of images that quickly play one after the other
  • Looping Videos that show the same content repeatedly such as GIFs
  • Text Montages that only show text
  • Embedding ads into the content without approval from Instagram

Note that any music in your videos must be owned by you or royalty-free.

Prohibited Behaviors

Content that features the following behavior in the videos will not be monetized:

  • Engagement bait encourages followers to like, comment, or click a link that leads to an external website.
  • Soliciting engagement is like asking for something in return to:
    • Eat something that not edible
    • Show graphic content
    • Consume drugs, tobacco, or alcohol
    • Participate in sexual behavior

Prohibited Content

Content that contains the following are at risk for reduced or complete removal of monetization:

  • Misleading Information or Misinformation that has already been declared false
  • Unoriginal content that was produced by other creators and not you
  • Debated social issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and more
  • Tragedy or conflict including death, property damage, sexual abuse, and more
  • Sexual activity such as nudity, sexual poses, suggestive dancing, and more
  • Strong language like profanity, slurs, inappropriate gestures, and more
  • Explicit content such as wounds, bodily functions, and more.

You must follow the partner program monetization policies set by Instagram so that you qualify to have short ads on your content.

If you are unsure about your content quality and if it is eligible, check out System2 which has the tools to make sure that your video is qualified for IGTV monetization.

Enabling Ads

If you and your Instagram content are eligible, you will be able to enable ads.

Enabling ads is simple!

When you are uploading your video, you will see a selection option for monetization on your Instagram video.

Toggle this on by clicking the button to enable monetization.

Once you have done this, you are good to go! Just tap publish and your video is ready.

What are IGTV Ads?

The revenue stream for the platform was first announced by the tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong. Since then, Instagram’s COO, Justin Osofsky, has confirmed that the platform will join other platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

The platform that is growing fast will include IGTV monetization from IGTV ads that will earn influencers money for the content that they create.

IGTV ads are short 15-second long video ads that brands will put on creators’ videos. This will monetize your IGTV video so that you earn cash based on the size of the audience that watches the content you create.

These ads may be shown pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll when users click to watch an IGTV video. This means that users will either see the ad before, during, or after your Instagram video.

Brands will be able to use Instagram’s ad manager to create and select which ads they would like to run. Similar to YouTube’s ad manager, brands can choose which videos they would like to feature their advertisement on.

How much money can I make?

As explained by the COO of Instagram, creators will be rewarded 55% of the commercial revenue. He explained that this monetization strategy for Instagram will follow the industry standard of 55%, the same rate as YouTube and other platforms.

Unlike their stories, Instagram influencers will select monetization for their IGTV content. As long as these creators comply with the partner monetization policies of the website, they will be able to add advertisements and make money. Start earning revenue from your Instagram now! Get the help you need from System2 to grow your Instagram account and make some money!



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