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How To Come Up With A Personal Training Business Name
Personal Training Business

How To Come Up With A Personal Training Business Name

September 20, 2021


Naming and starting your personal training business can be a tiresome task and one that carries more stress than you might think at first glance.

After all, the business name for your health and fitness training program is a major part of how your customers will find you, what they will know you by, and what they will expect from you.

Let’s dive into what it takes to make a good name so that you can get closer to the perfect one for you.

The Best Personal Training Business Names

Choosing the best name for your personal trainer business is going to depend on a number of factors.

First and foremost, be sure that any other personal trainers you employ are qualified to conduct fitness training.

If you want better performance from your business name in search engines and the like, you’re going to want to make sure your name aligns well with the services that your brand offers.

Catchy personal training business name ideas

When brainstorming personal training business names, you can find lots of free tips all over the internet that will get you next to nowhere.

Ultimately, the process to create a good business name for a personal training business is the same process by which you create anything else noteworthy.

First, you need to have some original idea for what you’re trying to create and why.

Then, you need to develop a rudimentary starter idea to build on. For example, you can start by researching examples of the successful businesses that have come before you.

Next, you’ll iterate on that basic idea until you have a series of possible personal training business names.

You’ll check the availability of those names online, and no doubt most if not all of them will already be in use by someone else.

From here you will do more research to nail down precisely what kind of service is most needed in the fitness industry, and adjust your brainstorming sessions to come up with an entirely new business name based on that research and what you learn from previous rounds of iteration.

Since you’re trying to start a business that presumably wants to make money, you’ll want to adjust the words you use in that business name to maintain simplicity and memorability.

The final step will be to check the availability of that new name not only in regards to other businesses but more importantly whether the name is available for your website.

Make a business plan

The fitness industry, like just about every other industry in the modern-day, can be tough to break into.

Before you choose a name for your business, you will want to take some time to think about what your business means to accomplish.

What exact services will you provide?

By what means will you deliver your service to your clients?

Will you deliver service yourself, or will your company employ other personal trainers to delegate the workload?

These things will help inform what message your business name needs to convey.

Note: If you need some help with creating your personal training business plan, as well as do all the marketing for you (website creation, templates, analytics, etc) then try System2. Our automated package to start a digital personal training business comes at no cost to you. Contact us today to get started.

Try a business name generator

When brainstorming a basic idea to kick off the process of naming your business, you could do worse than to try a business name generator.

Such generators are relatively rudimentary programs that will offer you a series of words devoid of context, many of which will have already been used by someone else for some derivative business name of their own.

However, they can still offer value. Each word may hold the key to putting together a uniquely new idea that you could mold into an actually functional business name.

Try one here.

Use examples

Creative work is difficult to understand at face value, as it is easy to misunderstand what is actually happening in the process.

The reality is that the best ideas never arrive in a vacuum – they are iterations on existing successful ideas.

By using successful company names as an example, you can give yourself a big leg up in coming up with personal training business names.

While you can find successful brand name examples plastered all over social media, we’ve compiled a list of some businesses large and small that you can use as a starting point.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is one of the most well-known health and fitness center businesses around, and for good reason.

Its short, distinctive name works well with its otherworldly brand image and the unusual color schemes in each gym.

This is a health and fitness center that knows its audience and caters to them well.

Each gym regularly offers free food, health tips, and a judgment-free environment for paying gym members.

Studio Fitness

Studio Fitness is both an example of groundbreaking technology and a cautionary tale against too generic of a name.

Studio fitness is a name adopted by a number of small-scale businesses, each offering a wildly different experience.

Perhaps the most notable of these is the Studio equipment which offers to turn any major electronic gadget in your house into a home gym.

Signature Fitness

Signature Fitness, again, is actually the name of a number of different gym environments all over the world which are not even related.

Perhaps the most well-known, however, is the elite gym by this name located in New Jersey. While effective for a local business, this is another example of a name that would perhaps be best avoided by those trying to build their own unique brand.

One Fitness

One Fitness is a somewhat eccentric brand based in New York. One Fitness offers both in-person and online fitness classes.

Fitness Edge

Fitness Edge is, unsurprisingly, yet another name that’s been used by a number of gym locations that are not related.

There are completely separate gym locations in places like New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Missouri, each a separate brand using the same name.

Other assorted example gym names include red run fitness, embody fitness and body curves.

With this frame of reference, you can see how it can be difficult to establish a brand as a business in the fitness sphere.

Conduct competitor analysis

The first thing you need to know about analyzing the competition is that all the other small business owners in the fitness sphere the world over are not your competition.

In fact, even a major worldwide personal fitness center isn’t exactly your competition.

Many people look into getting a personal trainer because they don’t have the time to go to a traditional gym.

Therefore, your actual competition is only the other brand names that cater to your target audience.

Once you know who they are, you can analyze what they offer and determine what you do differently, and see if you can find a way to work those differences into your brainstorming sessions so as to make it clear to people at a glance what your business has to offer over others.

Research your target audience

Customers have tendencies that can be researched and put to use to help guide them toward one service or another.

When naming your personal training business, you’re going to want to determine who your target audience is so that you can adjust every part of your business plan – including your business name – to suit your potential clients better.

Keep it short and simple

Clients aren’t going to want to type out a long business name to browse the services you offer.

If you want better performance on search engine results and a better conversion rate from searcher to the customer, you’re going to want to make sure you keep your personal training business name ideas short and simple when naming your business.

The shorter and simpler the business name ideas you can come up with, the better.

Make it easy to remember

When coming up with catchy personal training business ideas, don’t forget to name your business something that’s easy to remember.

A clever twist of words might sound like a fun and creative way to catch the attention of people searching for a personal trainer, using archaic words or unusual leaps of logic when naming your business can make it harder for people to remember your business name.

Being successful in naming your personal training business means anyone who comes across your website should be able to remember your business name easily so that they can tell their friends about your service.

Don’t forget to check availability for your domain name

Once you create your personal training business name, you want to check the availability of a domain name as closely related to the name for your business as possible.

Hopefully, you already remembered to check that your catchy personal training business name ideas aren’t in use by some already existing companies.

However, even if there isn’t an existing company using your personal training business name, someone could have had a related idea and claimed the domain name before you could get to it.

If this happens, you could theoretically name your business something similar but slightly different to what you originally planned in order to get the domain for that business name, but this is a slippery slope.

If the change in the name is something unusual, such as changing the spelling of an otherwise normal word, it could throw clients off.

It may well be better to just return to the drawing board and come up with an entirely different creative personal training business name.


Hopefully, this brief introduction to the creative process will help you get much closer to developing the perfect name for your business.

If you implement the steps as described and still have trouble coming up with a good name, there’s always the nuclear option of getting a professional creative to come up with a name on your behalf.

Written by: Nathan Dresser



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