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Should I Join A Gym Or Workout At Home? Let’s Find Out… – System2 Blog
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Should I Join A Gym Or Workout At Home? Let’s Find Out…

August 19, 2021


You’re a busy person, with a lot of stuff on your plate.

You have some motivation to get yourself into shape, but your schedule doesn’t permit you to spend a ton of time figuring out the best way to go about it.

At some point you have probably asked yourself the question, “Should I join a gym, or workout at home?”

Instead of spending hours of your life looking into each and making your own list of the pros and cons between the options, thanks to the magic of the internet you’ve found this list that will save you all that time.

Getting a gym membership vs working out at home

There are lots of factors that go into the decision to choose between working out at home as a gym alternative.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

Your schedule, and how much time you can carve out of it for workouts.

Your home environment, and how much control you have over that environment.

Your related family members that you have to live with if any.

Your budget, and how much of it you can afford to put towards a gym membership or home gym equipment.

Your current level of personal fitness, and how comfortable you are working out in front of others.

Your intended exercise routine, and what kind of equipment you need to do it.

Your ability to focus, and how easily you are affected by distractions.

And lastly, how much room you have in your house, and how much room you need to do your exercise routine.

There are potential advantages and disadvantages to both going to the gym and working out at home, and those differences are vast and varied.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the potential pros and cons of each option and consider how they might apply to your own personal situation.

Getting a gym membership

There’s no doubt that going to join a gym is one of the more traditional ways of motivating yourself to get your body in order.

But before you sign a form to commit to that new gym membership, you’re going to want to know whether it’s right for you.

Benefits of a gym membership

There are some benefits that a gym membership can offer that you will rarely be able to get at home, and others that could be entirely impossible to replicate at your own house.

Access to gym equipment

When you sign the form to join a gym, you earn yourself access to all of the equipment covered in your membership plan.

That access is potentially worth quite a lot of money, and if you’re committed to making the most of it you could improve your body quite a lot in relatively short order without having to spend thousands of dollars to purchase gear for your home gym.

Higher-end gyms will often have a massive selection of equipment on offer, from exercise machines of all types to dumbbells in a wide range of weights.

Most of them will also have a room dedicated to letting you get in a cardio workout on a cardio machine.

While the weight options on a given workout machine might be a bit limited, you will find that you can move the weight on a machine with much less concern for potential injury or damage to your health.

While it is possible to get machines for your home workouts, it simply isn’t realistic to fit very many pieces of bulky equipment into your home gym.

Enough space for your workout

If you’re living in a house owned by someone you’re related to rather than a home you own yourself, you may well find that the free area you have to work with at a traditional gym is more than you could ever ask for at home.

Another of the advantages of exercising at gyms is the matter of motivation.

There will almost always be other people working out at any of the gyms you go to.

As a result, if you find yourself struggling to keep up with your health and fitness goals, you always have the option of trying to make friends while exercising at the gym.

A good friend who is at least as committed to their own health and fitness as you are to yours is one of the best things around for keeping your head on straight and forcing yourself to keep going out for your exercise sessions.

Yet another advantage offered by gyms is the possibility of going to workout classes.

Gyms will have workout classes on offer on a fairly regular basis, offering you and others like you an opportunity to learn new methods for exercising.

Some gyms might offer some of these programs for free, although that is likely to be fairly rare.

Still, even if you have to spend more up front for them, such a program might be the answer to save you from a rut in your fitness training.

If that happens to be the case, going to one might save you time and save you money alike in the long run.

Disadvantages of a gym membership

Before you sign your self up to join a gym, there are also some potential issues you will want to take into consideration.

One such disadvantage is the potential trouble of having to pay fees if you find that you want to use equipment your membership plan doesn’t cover after all.

On the other hand, you may find that you stick to a relatively small set of equipment in your exercise sessions because your fitness training program is a consistent one, you may realize that you pay for quite a lot of equipment you don’t actually use.

Of course, there is also the matter of your schedule.

If you prefer to do your fitness training at specific hours on specific days, you may find that on some days the gym is busier than others.

If you are uncomfortable with large crowds, busy days at the gym might be uncomfortable for you, and as a result, you might find that you are less likely to go back next time.

Also, there is always the risk of comments from other gym-goers.

If you are very self-conscious, you might find that the idea of getting comments on your fitness or the way you go about your workout is just about the most horrific thing you can imagine.

While there is the possibility that such fears may be groundless, whether there is any real possibility of receiving such comments will depend entirely on what sort of people visit your local gym.

You could, of course, try going to one of the other gyms in your area and you may find that working out there is more peaceful, but generally, home workouts can be relied upon to be more serene on that front.

Working out at home

If you’re unsure whether you should go to the gym for your exercise goals, it’s a good idea to take a look at what working out at home has to offer as a meaningful alternative.

Benefits of working out at the home gym

There are lots of advantages that your home gym can offer you that simply aren’t possible in a conventional gym.

Pick your own home gym equipment

Unlike at the local gym, where all of the exercise equipment has already been purchased and set up, your home gym is up to you to put together.

This means that whatever you need for the exercise routine you decide to go for is up to you to pick out, and you won’t need to pick up exercise equipment that you’re not going to use for anything.

Of course, it’s a good idea to give some long and hard thought to anything you’re considering picking up for your home gym.

It is very common for people to pick up expensive gear for their workouts and then leave that gear forgotten as they immediately move on to some other kind of exercise.

If you do this kind of thing more than a few times, you may find yourself wasting quite a lot of money – so be sure to exercise care in what kind of equipment you pick up.

Another of the potential advantages your home gym might offer you is control of your environment.

Unfortunately, this is only potential advantage, because not everyone has a large enough area of their home that is within their control.

That said, if you are one of the lucky ones with an entire room to do whatever you want, then building a home gym could be just the thing for you.

It is worth considering also that you may well not need an entire room for the job.

Even if you only have your bedroom, you can make some adjustments to the limited area you have to work with and make it suitable for working out.

If you’re resourceful enough, you can get a meaningful workout with nothing but enough space on the floor to lay on a yoga mat.

That said, if you’re particularly unfortunate, you may well not even have that much area to work with.

Of course, if this is the case, there’s a good chance you can’t afford to go to a traditional gym either.

In such a scenario, your best bet may well be to head outside and try to find a public park with some bars to hang from and do pull-ups on.

Another of the potential benefits of a home gym is the opportunity to save money.

There are many fitness training programs that can be done at home, without weights or machines or any equipment to speak of.

If you want to save funds while still improving your level of fitness – and who doesn’t want that? – then you may find that exercising at home is the best thing for you.

Even if you do decide to do workouts that require equipment, you don’t need to buy a whole bunch of weights or anything super expensive to get started. Working out at home is effective and inexpensive.

A set of basic dumbbells, even at relatively low weight, will give you a lot of versatility in the exercises you can do.

Incorporating dumbbells into your exercises is not only inexpensive, it can also be extremely efficient.

If you pick up a set of adjustable dumbbells, then you can just get plate weights to adjust them and do just about any kind of exercise you could ask for.

Individual plate weights are cheap, and the versatility they offer to your home workout training program options will help to improve your health immensely.

Another consideration is the ability to play music during your home workouts.

While it is true that you can of course bring a pocket music player to a gym while exercising there, you then either have to contend with headphone wires or worry about the batteries in cordless headphones.

Meanwhile, if you own your home, you can play music from a stationary music player during your home workouts without worrying about disturbing gym-goers.

It is well known that most people have more energy for their fitness training when working out to the sound of their favorite music, so this is definitely not an advantage to be discounting.

Check out our calisthenics workout plan so you can start working out at home today.

Disadvantages of working out at home

Before you run out and buy a whole gym worth of home gym gear to trick out your new home workout space, there are some things you’ll want to take into consideration first.

Having to pay for exercise equipment to fill out your home gym is one issue.

While it is true that you could put together a home workout program that requires no equipment and therefore can be done for free, not all workouts are like that.

If you do choose to do one of the kinds of home workouts that require equipment, you’ll have to spend your own money on all of that equipment.

Some pieces of workout equipment can cost quite a lot, making the upfront investment potentially quite a bit heavier than if you were to just go to the gym.

Of course, you already know that gym memberships cost money every month.

Therefore, if you have the budget to make that upfront investment, it can still end up being worth the money to buy your own equipment for your home gym.

That is unless, of course, you run into another potential issue – motivation.

Unlike at the gym, where you might forge a bond with other members who will help to keep you motivated to push toward your goals, working out at home tends to come with a great deal of trouble staying motivated at home.

There’s no real secret to keeping yourself on the straight and narrow when it comes to meeting your gym goals.

All it comes down to is that you need to have a reason to keep showing up to your home gym and working out every time you’re meant to do so, and you need that reason to be more powerful than any reason you might have to stop showing up.

This is the reason why a traditional gym generally has an easier time keeping you going.

For one thing if you’re signed up for the gym you’re paying through the nose for the privilege of being able to go there and you don’t want that money to go to waste.

For another, if you have any friends at the gym then the shame of being known to not follow through on your commitments is a powerful counterbalance to the desire to just stop showing up.

At your home gym, you have neither of these things going for you.

It’s harder to make your reason to keep working in the home gym stronger, so very much of the time all you have as an option is trying to make your reasons for not showing up weaker.

There’s precious little you can do on that front, as it turns out.

The most common reason people stop working out regardless of the method for it is that it is hard.

The second most common reason they stop is that it takes time to do it.

You can do your best to make it easier to get started on your workout, and you can optimize your program so that it doesn’t take very long to do, but if you make it too easy then you’ll get nothing out of it.

A third option – System2

Whatever your situation, you may well find that neither of the options above sound particularly like what you want.

You might be worried about your budget after you sign a form full of hidden fees for any of a number of gym memberships.

You might be worried that you’ll purchase thousands of dollars worth of home gym gear only to discover that working out at home simply isn’t working for you for any of a million reasons.

You know you still want to get into shape, but it just doesn’t seem to be realistic for you with the options available.

Thankfully, there is an answer that could turn the tables for you.

You could invest in the services of a personal trainer.

While a trainer can’t offer you a space to exercise in that’s free from distraction, there are a lot of potential issues that having a trainer can help you resolve so that you can get back to working out and getting your body into shape.

If you have trouble with social skills but still need another person to help you stay on track in your training, most gyms will have trainers who will happily offer their services to help you stay working on your goals.

Meanwhile, if you prefer working from home and just need some direction or help to know what to do or how to do it, working at home with online trainers can help you get everything sorted without wasting tons of time on research and figuring out how to do everything right.

Additionally, online trainers can offer you the relative privacy of having your workout at home while still getting the benefits of training with a professional who will know how to maximize the outcome of your home training.

If you like training at the gym every now and then, an online trainer can also offer you guidance with your gym workout while still being available when you return to training at home.

Whether you choose to go with home training or training at the gym, working with online trainers can help you get the most out of your training.

But how do you go about getting yourself one of these online personal trainers?

It’s actually very simple.

All you have to do is get System2, an influencer personal fitness app.

System2 is a revolutionary platform that connects fitness influencers with prospective gym goers like you in order to facilitate the smoothest and easiest transition to a working relationship between the two of you and help to maximize your gains in short order.

From that point forward your instructor will be with you every step of the way to make sure you reach and exceed your goals whether you work at your home gym or a traditional gym or anywhere else. It beats the cost of a personal trainer by a landslide.


While it is impossible for there to be one true answer to the question of whether to work out at home or going to the gym, we hope that you now have all the information you could possibly want in order to most easily find your own answer to the question.

And remember, whether you go with a home gym or a traditional gym, your gym-going experience won’t be complete without the services of a specialized trainer.

If you want to get the most out of your home gym training, make sure to invest in yourself and work with a System2 influencer trainer.



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