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6 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns To Use In 2022

6 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns – You Need To Know About

March 30, 2022


Influencers are often seen as an authority in their industry and have become the go-to people for advice, recommendations, and lifestyle inspiration. They’re ordinary people, with a reputation of being experts in their field. This is why it makes sense that brands would turn to them to advertise their products or services.

That’s where influencer marketing comes into play. A type of digital marketing strategy where influencers collaborate with brands to support and feature their products or services. This type of marketing relies on social media engagement and the high amount of trust that popular social media influencers have built with their targeted audience.

Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, this is about people talking to people, not companies trying to sell. This is why it works so well for brands to reach and engage with new audiences, giving influencers a true opportunity to make a living on social media.

If you want to make money as an influencer, stick around as we discover some of the most common types of influencer marketing campaigns for you to try.  

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6 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is a fun and fresh approach to advertising, and both brands and influencers can seriously benefit from a little extra social media exposure. Let’s check out some popular types of influencer marketing campaigns.

1 – Sponsored Content

This is one of the most popular influencer marketing campaigns and a good way for social media influencers to make money. You have great earnings on every single social media post to advertise products. This works great especially if your content is high-quality. Here’s what you need to know.

What is it?

Sponsored content is when an advertiser pays for promotional media. In this type of influencer marketing, brands pay influencers to create content directly linked to their brand or a specific product. The purpose is for large audiences to engage with the brand at a deeper level to eventually integrate it as part of their daily lives through a known and loved influencer.

You can easily identify these posts because sites are required to clearly state they are paid advertisements. On Instagram for example, you will commonly see it indicated with a hashtag such as #sponsored #partner or #ad.

How to do it

The sponsored social media content can be adapted to a variety of formats such as videos, photos, events, or a combination of several different posts to tell the story of the brand. For example, if you are a lifestyle influencer, you can partner with a jewelry brand and post pictures or videos wearing their new watch. Talk about a couple of features and encourage your followers to check out the brand.

The key to sponsored content (and any other type of native advertising really) is to make the ad look as natural and organic as any of your day-to-day posts.

2 – Giveaway Campaigns

Giveaway campaigns are also a very popular form of influencer marketing campaigns. This is a great way to raise brand awareness and reach new audiences to collect leads, which is why brands look to partner with influencers. It’s also a win for you because you will be exposed to the brand’s followers as well. Let’s see what it is about.

What is it?

In an influencer giveaway campaign, the influencer collaborates with a brand (usually one that’s relevant to their niche and their followers’ interests) to give away a product or service offered by such a brand.

The brand and influencer prompt their followers to enter the contest by asking them to either follow both accounts, comment, or share and sometimes a combination of requirements. Then, a winner is randomly selected out of all the people that followed the instructions to enter the draw.

Another way to participate in an influencer giveaway campaign is by partnering with the brand to promote their giveaway on your social media, but not hosting it yourself. 

How to do it

A long-format video is usually the best way for influencers to announce a giveaway, which makes YouTube a great platform for this. It’s a great opportunity to let your personality shine and create an engaging call to action.

However, Instagram is still among the favorite platforms for giveaways, thanks to its highly visual layout and powerful reach. Just a photo will be enough to run a giveaway, always make sure your post clearly explains the entry requirements, the product you are offering, as well as how and when the winner will be announced. 

All giveaways must be free to enter. Keep in mind, each platform has its own different guidelines when it comes to hosting giveaways, so make sure you learn about the legalities and rules before you jump into the trend.

3 – Influencer Affiliate Programs

You can leverage your social media presence as an influencer by partnering with a brand on an affiliate marketing program. It’s an easy way to make some extra cash and even complement any other type of influencer marketing campaign. Here are the specifics.

What is it?

An affiliate marketing program is a way to make money on clicks or sales that you drive for a  brand. Generally, affiliates (influencers) use links or discount codes in their bios, so their followers can easily reach the brand’s site and make a purchase or sign up.

The coupon codes or links are created by the brand specifically for that influencer, so any sales or clicks coming from them can be attributed to the affiliate and they receive a commission for it.

This is usually a passive source of income for a social media influencer because you only get paid once somebody uses your link or code to buy the product. However, some brands may give you other payment options such as pay per click (smaller commission) or a small upfront fee for promoting their product.

How to do it

There are generally no contractual obligations as far as how and when you share affiliate links or codes. You can simply have them permanently on your bio, along with a call-to-action to prompt your followers to visit the brand’s website.

If you are provided with product specifications or a physical product, you can post a picture or video about it (which you could charge for separately as a sponsored post) to give your followers a better insight into the product and boost sales.

You can use commissionable affiliate links pretty much anywhere. A blog post, Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, or your website. For example, if you are a fitness influencer, you would upload your daily 5-minute cardio routine, while showing off your new pair of tennis shoes, and how your viewers can get a 10% discount on them by using your affiliate link.

4 – Brand Ambassadors

With the increasing influence of social media and the Internet, there are now more opportunities to make money representing the brand you love. Let’s see what this opportunity is about.  

What is it?

A brand ambassador is an influencer who represents and advertises a company on social media, supporting its offers and adopting the brand’s identity through their words and actions. Their goal is to increase brand awareness and act as a delegate to try to influence their followers to buy that company’s products.

Brand ambassador programs are more of a long-term commitment, as you are expected to take part in various marketing campaigns, and share the product on social platforms as part of your day-to-day activities. Brand partnerships could go on for several months, a year, or even longer, depending on the results and relationship you create with the brand.

How to do it

Unlike sponsored posts (where you agree to post about a brand only once or twice) brand ambassadors create content on a regular basis and often share the brand’s content on their platforms as well. They are constantly sharing their positive experiences with the brand.

As a brand ambassador, you can easily connect with your audience in an honest and enthusiastic way by speaking from your own perspective and giving authentic recommendations, while still receiving incentives from the brand.

While the relationship with the brand is not strictly salary-based, you may get monetary compensation or free products for being a brand ambassador.

5 – Product Unboxing

Unboxing is another very attractive way for brands to promote products with the help of an influencer, and it’s a very simple concept. Let’s find out what it is about.

What is it?

Product unboxing is basically about recording yourself while opening a product from its original package. During the video, you explain the characteristics of the packaging, sharing any extra detail such as personalized cards or special packaging,

If the type of product allows, you can try the product on camera and give your opinion/review. This influencer marketing strategy is meant to give potential customers a closer look at a product, the unboxing process, features, and overall customer journey.

At first, you may not get paid for creating the unboxing content (you may only get the product for free). But as your unboxing and review videos gain popularity, you could start charging a fixed rate per video regardless of receiving the product for free.

How to do it

While you could do a product unboxing almost in all social media platforms, usually longer and more detailed videos are better for the viewers. It’s a good idea to find a platform without time limits. There are two most commonly used platforms that allow a long-format video: YouTube and Instagram TV (IGTV).

You can also try using an IG story or Facebook post as a teaser and direct your followers to the full unboxing video on YouTube.

Keep your unboxing videos as natural and genuine as you can. No photoshop, fancy camera angles or lighting tricks. Your audience wants to see a real person taking the product out of its packaging and using it. They don’t want to see just another advertisement.

6 – Social Media Takeovers

This influencer marketing campaign is a great option for brands who are looking to spice things up and give their followers some original content, and it’s also good fun for you as an influencer. Here’s what it is about.

What is it?

A social media takeover is when a person (commonly an influencer) “takes over” a brand’s social media account to post content on their behalf. This is usually for a short period of time, maybe a day or two, and the purpose is to give the brand’s audience a fresh and dynamic perspective to increase brand exposure or an inside look to an influencer’s life.

Essentially, if you do a takeover for a brand, they give you full access to their social media channels and you are allowed to post what you want when you want and how you want (within defined limits to protect the brand).  

How to do it

It’s important to clearly define the parameters and understand your limitations when doing a social media takeover. Address things like the use of vulgar language, appearances of other people in your posts and if there are certain hashtags you should/shouldn’t use. 

Always make sure you choose the brand you want to work with carefully. All influencer campaigns are a great opportunity for you to reach a new audience and gain followers as well, so doing it for a brand closely related to your niche is your best bet.

For example, if you are a yoga instructor, you might do a social media takeover with a fitness brand and teach a couple of virtual classes or share your breakfast recipes. If you have a large followers base, you can easily charge a fee for this, however, brands will often just offer free products, or the opportunity to become an ambassador if it all works out.

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Written by: Brenda Hernandez



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