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Up-And-Coming Fitness Influencers of 2022 (Keep An Eye On Them)

Up-And-Coming Fitness Influencers of 2022

February 18, 2022


Every now and then, you see a different trend taking the stage on multiple social media platforms. But, you can’t help but notice that social media fitness influencers are professionally transforming the way people perceive fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

For your information, influencer marketing campaigns play a huge role in transforming the fitness industry as well. From wellness tips to full-length workout videos, there are a lot of activities ongoing on the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Rather than finding a certified personal trainer, people are clinging to the top fitness influencers on the most popular social media platforms. People, including celebrities, personal trainer groups, and coaches, are slowly becoming fitness sensations in the industry.

The most certified and educated people are sharing tips and routines on how to tackle regular fitness obstacles and work on long-term fitness goals. Are you among those trying to level up their home workout game?

Well, learn about several up-and-coming fitness influencers on the internet. But before that, let’s learn what influencer marketing means and how fitness influencers have dominated social media around us.

Top Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms for influencer marketing. You will find various brands promoting their fitness equipment and services like healthy food plans. It’s where individuals have also taken up the task of sharing fitness routines with aspiring athletes, younger adults, those aiming for weight loss, and all sorts of other fitness influencer Instagram post ideas.

Let’s check out who offers fitness tutorials on Instagram.

1. Andy Anneville

Based in Houston, Texas, Andy Anneville has over 62,000 followers on Instagram and offers workout plans and tips for men. From general motivation to high-level encouragement, the fitness freak helps aspiring athletes and works with several brands to promote the best fitness equipment.

2. Shana Meyerson

If you’re looking for a yoga fitness model, you will find Shana Meyerson extremely resourceful and enlightening. She has over 21 000 genuine followers on Instagram and keeps practicing new and effective yoga exercises to improve overall physical health.

3. Kanoa Greene

Kanoa Greene is among the few fitness influencers who’re widely size-inclusive and body-positive. She’s an ideal choice for top fitness brands around the world. She has over 22,000 followers!

4. Ebenezer Samuel

As the director of a virtual personal training application, Ebenezer Samuel stills finds his way around the clock to offer insightful working out techniques and routines. He shares top-notch fitness workouts and recommendations to over 340,000 followers on Instagram!

5. Nathan Sado

Nathan Sado has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and inspires others as a fitness coach and world traveler. He has worked with reputable fitness brands that offer a unique and diverse range of fitness equipment. Besides that, Nathan Sado also offers traveling recommendations to people around the world.

6. Allen Swan

As a former basketball professional player and expert in men’s fitness and fashion, Allen Swan boasts over 21,000 followers on Instagram. He has a unique record of fitness training videos and valuable fitness tips. He shares information regularly and works closely with a clothing brand called “Legends.”

7. Judine Saint Gerard

Judine Saint Gerard is a professional coach and athlete in New York City who offers followers an amazing range of fitness information and guidance. She currently has around 18,000 followers on Instagram and works closely with popular household brands like “Dirty Labs” (i.e., laundry detergent brand).

Being a fitness freak, her passion is to inspire others to remain fit throughout their life and frequently mentions healthy meals’ recipes.

8. Rachel Brathen

Known as “Yoga Girl” on the internet, Rachael Brathen is an international teacher as well. She is a New York Times best-selling author and has over 2 million followers on her Instagram profile. This is because of her intriguing and interesting yoga exercises. She also promotes and encourages her followers to enroll in her meditation and yoga tutorial classes.

9. Emma Kirk-Odunubi

Emma Kirk-Odunubi is a UK-based fitness model who is also an athlete and a coach. She has been running Bulletproof Athletic in London as the primary CEO. Regardless of her hectic schedule, she finds a way out of her daily routine to share fitness goals and practices with over 26,000 followers on Instagram.

10. Jonelle Lewis

Jonelle Lewis is among the most encouraging and motivating fitness enthusiasts on Instagram. She shares all her personal experiences regarding meditation and yoga on Instagram to help others achieve their fitness goals. Practicing alongside is easily accessible and totally inclusive just like her Instagram bio says!

Top Fitness Influencers on YouTube

YouTube stands out as one of the most impactful and popular video-sharing websites on the internet. With billions of hours worth of content watched every day, many fitness influencers are using it as a source of earning income. Likewise, many consumers conveniently learn new workout techniques, tips, and information. Here’s a shortlist of several amazing YouTube fitness influencers.

1. Katie Dunlop

Katie Dunlop is a healthy lifestyle coach who shares daily workout plans for followers. She boasts over 706,000 subscribers on YouTube alone and posts frequently! Her consistent posts are the main attraction that pulls so many viewers on her side. She also works with several fitness brands as well, including Love Sweat Fitness (LSF).

2. Phil Graham

Even type 1 diabetes couldn’t stop this UK-based fitness model from inspiring others to better themselves physically. He offers insightful information on diabetes experience and workout regimens for those affected with similar health conditions. Through his YouTube channel, he has over 23 000 subscribers, and he successfully inspires thousands of followers on Instagram!

3. Kyla Beland

As a fitness trainer, Kyla Beland believes in healthy eating, and that’s usually her main focus in all her YouTube channel videos. She likes sharing recipes and different food suggestions to help aspiring athletes and fitness freaks eat the right portion of daily nutrient requirements. She has over 75,000 subscribers on YouTube!

4. Annabelle Hayes

Annabelle Hayes shares videos once in a while talking about the effects, benefits, and requirements of different workout routines. She has over 927,000 YouTube subscribers and talks as a global fashion enthusiast for Fashion Nova.

5. Adriene Mishler

Adriene Mishler is an exceptional yoga teacher on YouTube who frequently posts about her yoga exercises and fitness regimes. As a YouTuber with over 100 million subscribers on her YouTube channel (and the number only keeps increasing), she practices different levels of yoga exercises for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

6. Sjana Elise Earp

Sjana empowers women around the world through her YouTube channel content. She shares information about the most useful workout programs for more than 135,000 YouTube subscribers. She is a proud yoga teacher who aims to inspire herself and others through her branding practices and fitness passion.

7. Dana Linn Bailey

If you’re someone struggling on your fitness journey, you can take advantage of the workout tips from Dana Linn Bailey who’s a certified personal trainer. Her YouTube channel is filled with content extending from her initial fitness journey to daily lifestyle and fitness regimes. She also has nearly half a million YouTube subscribers on her channel.

8. Nikki Blackketter

Nikki uploads various types of fitness content on her YouTube channel. Her favorite activity involves sharing the best healthy recipes and diet recommendations to over 731,000 subscribers on her channel. As a fitness influencer diva, she is among the most popular fitness freaks on the internet.

9. Bart Kwan

Bart uploads workout videos for people of different ages ranging from teenagers and younger adults to older adults. His YouTube channel is worth more than 693,000 subscribers and keeps growing day by day. The confidence-provoking content that he uploads on his channel has been the foundation for many viewers’ fitness journey. He is also the founder of his own gym in Los Angeles.

10. Omar Isuf

Standing among the most famous fitness influencers, Omar Isuf shares a ton of different workouts with his followers and viewers on different social media platforms. Daily YouTube videos are Omar’s passion that viewers find extremely helpful for constructing a prime-level fitness journey. As a fitness influencer, he doesn’t only share workout techniques but also diet tips.

The Fitness Industry: Importance of Fitness Influencer Marketing

As a business, you can approach any popular fitness influencer to showcase your products, brands, and more. For instance, some of hte most popular brands in the world get help from the most influential social media figures (i.e., fitness influencers) to market their products and services around the world.

From major sports products producer to supplements and diet product manufacturers, many companies are including influencer marketing in their overall marketing campaigns. As far as the online trend for healthy living goes, people are reducing the time spent with a personal body coach, fitness guru, personal trainer, and gym instructor.

Instead of that, they are searching for fitness-related content on the internet from the comfort of their home. Since the fitness world offers a place to everyone, fitness tutorials on social media offer all types of results and potential for change.

Check out the reasons why influencer marketing is beneficial from a business perspective in the fitness industry.

Establishes Trust with Customers

Firstly, you have to know that consumers are nearly always skeptical about traditionally delivered and advertised messages. The companies are perceived as profit-maximizing giants most of the time, and people are careful about what they buy.

However, with the trust established through influencer marketing, customers start trusting your brand. You automatically generate a fan-following when people find you helpful and useful.

Customers Find You Resourceful

Secondly, you must not forget that you will be sharing resourceful content and valuable information with your targeted audience. This will establish you as a resourceful brand and business in the wide fitness industry and increasing your chances of securing a greater customer base.

Promotes an Air of Authenticity

Lastly, you can’t help but notice that influencer marketing usually has fewer scripts. This means that any social media fitness influencer will use their own words and creativity to help promote your fitness brand and fitness equipment.

Benefits of Workout Videos (Healthy Lifestyle Coaches)

You have to know that the most common types of YouTube fitness influencers share free workout videos. The same goes for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Since video sharing helps in memory retention, easier learning, and better practice, people follow nearly all types of fitness videos.

These include calorie-burning workouts, professional fitness model-based workouts, weekly home workouts, yoga poses, and a lot more. From weight loss tips to live training sessions in the form of streaming, you will find a ton of content from the most popular fitness influencers in the form of videos.

There are also different types of fitness programs that involve fitness competitions between professional fitness instructor groups and individuals. Here’re the best benefits of workout videos on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Convenient and Free Workout Videos

Speaking strictly about the most popular workout classes, the cost of enrolling in them may involve a minor subscription or service charges. Other than that, most workout videos are free of cost for internet users and offer plenty of different exercises.

Fitness brands also promote healthy recipes and other fitness influencer-related content to improve customers’ home workout routines. All you have to do is press the play button to start the workout on your own time and stop whenever you’re tired or need rest.

No Costly Trips like Gym Workouts

You no longer have to take a walk or travel to the gym for ab workouts to get toned and ripped. Simply find the right celebrity personal trainer who posts workout videos on the internet regularly to get started. That’s not the only way, though. You can enroll in a fitness program through your smartphone or computer as well.

Get Diverse Fitness Inspiration

There’s nothing holding you back from taking leg workouts and following different routines once when you’re following the top fitness influencer world personalities. There’s no gym trainer eyeballing you for getting in touch with another coach.

Make Workout Plans on Your Schedules

Do you have a hectic working routine? Do you have varying periods of free time during the day? That’s a limitation that restricts you from going to the neighboring gym.

However, if you have irregular working patterns, you can squeeze in workout videos between your free periods so you don’t miss any workout routine due to a busy schdule.

Convenient for Shy People

If you’re shy or very self-conscious about your body but have a fitness inspiration you wish to follow, you can start working out through videos at home. This will give you a sense of security and comfort since you will be within your home, you won’t feel like somebody’s watching you.

Better Consistency

When you’re squeezing a workout routine into your home schedule, there’s no excuse not to workout. As any fitness coach or fitness instructor would argue, people can easily make hundreds of excuses to not go to the gym. But, with a smartphone with workout videos at home to guide and teach you, missing out on workout sessions isn’t that easy.

Extremely Comfortable

Plus, you don’t have to dress up and represent yourself as you may have to when going out to the gym, you can comfortably workout through videos in your bedtime PJs!

Easy to Clean

One of the major benefits of working out at home or somewhere secluded within your comfort zone using workout videos is that you know that the place is as clean as it can be.

Unlike the gym, you will have complete control over who can step into your working out circle or specified area.

The Bottom Line

You can partner with the most popular fitness influencers to boost sales and brand exposure of your fitness equipment or programs on social media platforms. It’s a great way to market your business and products to millions of people on the internet.

On the other hand, if you’re someone struggling to go to the gym and work with a personal trainer, you will find online videos from any Instagram or YouTube fitness influencer helpful.



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