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Working Out At Home vs Gym: Find Your Best Fit And Power Through!
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Working Out At Home vs Gym: Find Your Best Fit And Power Through!

June 30, 2021


Working out nowadays has become more challenging than ever. Taking care of our physical and mental health should be a priority and giving your body some daily movement is a great way to get started!

Whether you are looking to start a new healthy lifestyle or trying to get back on your workout routine, you might want to weigh the pros and cons of working out at home vs gym. This will help you make the best choice and get the most out of your time and money. 

So, gym or home workout? Let’s find out!

The Pros If You Join A Gym

Getting a gym subscription is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you are in need of some physical activity, and for good reason. Here are some of the advantages to it:

Variety of equipment:

At the gym you have lots of options to choose from. You have free weights, bands, treadmills, stationary bikes and the list goes on and on. No matter what type of exercise you are looking to do, the gym will most likely have the equipment you need, making it easy for you to complete all your routines.

Offers extra amenities:

A gym membership may not only offer the space and equipment to work out but also a space for you to pamper yourself and spend a relaxing time after exercising. Oftentimes, they can include access to a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi or even a pool. You’ll enjoy these amenities after an hour of working up a sweat.

It helps you stay motivated:

Going to the gym means working out along with many other people which inevitably will give you a boost and make you work even harder. You may find a workout buddy, someone to grab breakfast with after the gym and make good friends. Also, paying for the gym every month can keep you motivated to show up and workout. After all, you wouldn’t want your money to go to waste.

Access to personal trainers:

Many gyms offer you the opportunity to have a personal trainer to help you out. If you are a beginner or you have a specific goal to achieve with your body this is a great benefit to take advantage of. It will translate into better and faster results, which will also help you stay motivated. Keep in mind that personal trainers can be expensive for many reasons. You can check out our personal trainer costs and alternatives article before you make a decision on this one.

Cons of working out at the gym

On the other hand, doing your exercises at the gym can have its downsides. Here are some of the most important ones:  

High gym membership costs for a quality gym:

Anywhere you go, you are going to have to pay for either a gym membership, a day or a week pass. Some high-end gyms with lots of amenities can cost more than $100 a month, while some other smaller gyms may only cost $10. If you are on a budget, ultimately, you decide what kind of experience you want to have. But remember, quality equipment and a prime gym experience require maintenance as well as extra expenses that will reflect on the cost of your membership. In the end, you get what you pay for.

Dealing with crowds:

While having people working out around you can be great for someone who likes to socialize, this can turn into a problem. Especially if your gym doesn’t  have enough equipment or there isn’t someone around to make sure everybody is making use of the premises properly. You may find yourself waiting around for someone to finish using the machinery you need for your next set, or some people may not be cleaning the machine they just used. This can make your daily workout difficult and stressful. Not to mention it may take longer for you to finish your workout.

It is time consuming:

Packing a bag, changing your clothes, getting yourself to and back from the gym (walking, driving, biking or else). All this will, of course, increase the amount of time invested in order to get an hour or so of workout done. If you have a job, are a student, or are just busy, this has to be an important factor to keep in mind when deciding if you should go for a workout at home or go to the gym.

Pros of working out at home or with a home gym

By now, you may already have an idea of whether or not the gym is your best fit. But a home workout also has many advantages and there are many efficient ways to do it. Here’s why you may want to try it:

You will feel comfortable:

Gym clothes are designed to be comfortable and stretchy. Still, we cannot deny it would be a lot more comfortable to just work out in your pajamas (or even underwear for some…). Also, many people can be self-conscious and feel uncomfortable when working out around others. At your house, you can sweat, scream (or make other funny noises), have messy hair and look however you want without feeling judged or having anyone awkwardly staring at you.

Set the tone for a variety of workouts:

All gyms will try to set an upbeat, motivational ambiance (for the most part) but you may have a different preference while exercising. Maybe the music, the temperature of the room, lighting or even a specific scent you would like to have while you are working out. Doing yoga? Play soft music, light some candles or incense and dim the lights. Doing cardio? Play your favorite rock band, and amp up the lights! If you are at home, it’s your choice. 

Work out at any time you want:

If you are balancing a 9-5, working out at home allows you to workout on your own schedule. No need to worry about getting to the gym just in time to avoid crowds, or to catch your favorite classes. You should always have some time set apart for your workouts, however, we know things don’t always go as planned. If you exercise at home that will not be an excuse to finish your routine, as you can always try to find some time later on.

Stay safe:

Because of the pandemic, many gyms have been closed for a few months now and as they are restarting to operate many of us might be worried about the risks of going back. Many outbreaks of COVID-19 have been linked to fitness facilities. Even if you follow all the safety recommendations we cannot deny that the best way to work out safely is from the comfort of your home. And even better, you won’t have to be wearing a face mask all of the time.

Cons of working out at home

There are also a few things to look out for when working out at home. Read through the main drawbacks:

You may have distractions:

While working out at home can be a lot more comfortable and accessible it can be easy to get distracted and derail your home workout. If you have kids, pets, or simply home chores to do it may be hard to just focus on your routine and put all that aside. Having a workout plan can help you keep track of your exercises and set your mind to finishing them regardless of distractions around you.   

Limited space and equipment:

The space you need for your workout will be determined by the type of exercise you are doing but in general you don’t need much. Still some people may have limited room for a yoga mat, dumbbells or to use resistance bands. Of course you won’t have all the equipment variety that you get at the gym, so be mindful of this when making your decision. You can consider a home gym as the answer, if you have enough budget and space. Otherwise, go for no-equipment or bodyweight workouts as they also offer excellent results.

Lack of variety in your workouts:

When working out at home you may find yourself doing the same exercises over and over again. There is no one to give you a new plan every week or lots of gym equipment that inspire you to try something new. This can make you get bored easily and it will take longer to see results. So, you may quit a lot faster than if you were going to the gym. It is worth trying to find different types of exercise and switch every now and then.   

Want to get the best of both worlds?

Regardless of the reason why you want to exercise, we want to help you find the best way to do it based on your needs. 

System2 is your at-home fitness coach app that introduces the latest technology to your workout routine. Get the benefit of having access to your own personal trainer while working out from the comfort of your home or during travels.

It allows you to choose a certified fitness coach and creates a workout program based on your fitness goals.  Get started using the equipment you already have at home. With daily interactions, constant feedback and personalized plans that are regularly adjusted to your progress, you will stay motivated and see results in no time.

Sign up to System2 14-day free trial now and take your workouts to the next level.

Written by: Brenda Hernandez


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