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- Connie, 33, San Francisco

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First, you answer a few questions, which we use to find the perfect trainer for you. Then you have a 45-min video call with your trainer, including the "S2 Movement Screen". Thereafter your trainer will deliver daily workout routines via the S2 app, which will also track your form with video.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged $99/month after your trial period is over. Your trial begins when you meet with your coach over video and complete the onboarding call. At any point you can contact your coach (or [email protected]) to cancel your membership. There are no long term contracts.

How does the coach monitor my workouts?

The System2 app uses video + activity trackers + AI to monitor your workouts. We'll be shipping you a special hardware kit to workout in front of your phone when you choose to. Your coach will review your workout footage + data right after the workout and give you specific feedback.

What equipment do I need?

We will incorporate any equipment you may already have and your favorite workout routines, but you don't need any to get started. If you prefer to purchase equipment, your coach can recommend you some options.

How often do I communicate with my coach?

Your coach will communicate with you almost daily. It starts with a 40-minute video call for onboarding. After that, there'll be a video call every 2 weeks or as needed. Your coach will communicate daily with you via text & also review your workout footage + data every time and provide you with feedback.

What's included in the membership?

As part of the membership, you'll get unlimited access to an elite fitness coach who'll design as many workouts as you need, hold you accountable daily, review your workout footage, and give you specific feedback on your workouts.

Can I do my workouts at home / while traveling?

Yes! System2 is designed specifically to deliver a full-body workout experience at home and on-the-go!

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Having someone who cares has made the biggest difference. I’m in my best shape ever.

- Amy, 39, New York

S2 has proven to be the Goldilocks solution for me- my custom workouts are perfectly suited to my, interests, and abilities, and I’m not tied to a smelly gym to get them done.

- Dalyte, 36, San Francisco

Getting feedback and encouragement from a personal trainer that is reviewing them, and is invested in my goals, for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer is invaluable. I’m a huge fan.

- Davin, 41, Oakland


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